Alcoholic Drinks in Pandemic Possibly Causing Gastrointestinal, Liver Disease, Psychological Issues

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    Alcoholic Drinks Pandemic Impact Possibly Causing Gastrointestinal, Liver Disease, Psychological Issues

    Research recently shows a pandemic impact from alcoholic drinks, causing one to develop gastrointestinal and liver disease along with psychological issues.

    A MedPage Today report said inpatient consults for alcohol-related gastrointestinal and liver disease rose following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, and stayed elevated, according to the study.

    The fraction of inpatients who were necessitating endoscopic interventions for their alcohol-related GI and liver diseases increase, as well, which suggested a worsening trend in severity, as indicated in the data presented at a pre-meeting press conference for the conference dubbed "Digestive Disease Week" or DDW.

    On top of the impacts on physical health because of delated or limited access to healthcare, mandated by infection-control restrictions, a lot of people suffered adverse psychological impacts like isolation, depression, anxiety, economic security, and job loss.

    This was according to the Providence, Waihong Chung, MD, Ph.D., from the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The medical expert added, these are risk factors for the development of other health conditions like addiction, for one.

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