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    i dream with a very old man with a very small house and he is sitting in a room full of books dusts of diferent colors and he is sitting next to a table and on the the table are a few dusts and a red book with quite chocking ilustrations and wroten in a language i dont understand and then he start mixing dust and he makes a small creature of rock a small dragon and a small manticora and after that he looks at them take a look at his book and my dream ends
    what it means?
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    Interesting story.
    People in our dreams often represent how we see ourselves, they are some symbolic aspect of ourselves. A very old man could mean the person feels very old inside.
    Dreaming of house typically represent one's psychological, the mind and our emotional and psychological selves. It may also represent body areas depending on the dream as in issues with the head, bowels feet etc. The different areas of the house suggests what is happening within the mind during waking life. Perhaps the dreamer feels they they cannot express themselves adequately?
    A room full of books represents knowledge or the attempt to assimilate some new information, thought, belief or idea. It suggests that you may be close to discovering something new and exciting. The red book stands out as it related to vitality, energy and strength and power. Not understanding the language just means that the information hasn't been learned yet, however it is present.
    There is also dust, rock and animals which would seem to symbolize an form of "alchemy". The two animals are quite a powerful symbology in themselves as they both have the ability to fly. A quite transformative change is taking place within the person.

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