Albert Hofmann - LSD: My Problem Child

Discussion in 'Drug Books' started by PapaSmurf, Jun 2, 2006.

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    Here is the book to read if you want to see how it all began. Albert Hofmann, the chemist who first synthasized LSD and the first man to ever experience an LSD trip, comes across in this book as both scientifically brilliant and deeply spiritual. It's some really interesting stuff. Near the end of the book he writes:

    You can read the whole thing online:
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    Found you can get a signed FIRST edition of the book; " LSD: MY Problem Child", by Dr. Albert Hofmann at

    795 usd, not bad considering I have seen them on Alibris and Amazon for over a grand. Assuming they still have some left...

    Excellent book. Signed by Hofmann himself first edition would be a heirloom to treasure for generations. Already the first edition they are selling there is over 25 years old, unlike any future reprints. Thought I would give a heads up! :)
  3. PsyGrunge

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    what a read :)
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    Wow, thanks for that online link. :D But it's taking forever to load. Hehe. By the way, is a copy of this book really over 1000$?
  7. dd3stp233

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    I read it at the library and it was free.

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