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Discussion in 'Islam' started by kar33m, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. kar33m

    kar33m Member

    Is it true that muhammed married aisha at the age of 6 and consumed the marriage at the age of 9?
    is pedophilia not a sin in islam?
    thx in advance for the replies.
  2. catstevens

    catstevens Muslim Top To Toe

    Hi kar33m :)
    Thank you very much for your Qs
    There are many different opinions some say 7, 15 etc
    He was her husband + at the time Arab were marrying very young girls, it was a very common thing.
    you are more than welcome :)
    (= *Peace and love* =)
    Yours Sincerely,
    Cat Stevens
  3. kar33m

    kar33m Member

    so if I married a 9 year old girl accordingto the shareea of allah and the prophet and engaged in sexual activities with her it wouldnt be considered a sin?
  4. catstevens

    catstevens Muslim Top To Toe

    As I said there are different opinions regarding this matter (Mother Aish's age) but if we assume he married her when she was 9, When Did the Prophet engaged in sexual activities with her? When it is permissible to do so,I don't know +there are conditions , Her walee should accept this marriage plus the girl.
    (= *Peace and love* =)
    Yours Sincerely,
    Cat Stevens
  5. kar33m

    kar33m Member

    I know there are conditions that's why I said accordingto the shareea of allah and the prophet
    I found this...

    so is this true?
  6. catstevens

    catstevens Muslim Top To Toe

    Do you have The Arabic version for this haddeeth, and if it was true The haddeeth is Saheeh according to Bukhari and many of scholars who believe that the entir haddeeths in Bukhar are all saheeh, BTW many scholars don't consider all haddeeths in Bukhari Saheeh haddeeths, as I said there are other opinions each one has his proof or own conclusion based on haddeeths and historical incidents regarding this issue. And if he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, Did that happen after menstruation - puberty, it doesn't have a particular year right! anyway you can read more about this issue by brother Osama Abdulah here

    (= *Peace and love* =)
    Yours Sincerely,
    Cat Stevens
  7. kar33m

    kar33m Member

    Dont have the arabic edition here's the source http://
  8. catstevens

    catstevens Muslim Top To Toe

    Ok, no problem+ it is obvious that the site is anti-islamic, can't trust it, again,even if it was a Saheh one I already commented on it.
    (= *Peace and love* =)
    Yours Sincerely,
    Cat Stevens
  9. paperairplane

    paperairplane Banned

    I am Aisha and this is not true, though I've always been married, spiritually, in the world only recently..

    the lake, the sky, the divine earth, everything is in a state of ecstatic union
    rivery roads, as the dwellers murmur
    sacred nothing
    all things complete eachother
    like a spirally mirror tube tunnel planty flower
    olan dita... you are here...
    POMO!!! you rock... these... worlds...
    like a rocking chair,
    even the dust is like 'grandma!'
    my head is ringing, but its silence
    full with silence, like bread... they started baking...
    rest is the wandering
    the wondering, the breathing
    warm inside with you in my heart as me in your heart
    in a heart in a heart
    flowers grow, trees tall... kabir said they are poems across the sky
    so i say nothing.. cha! meepingatorie thusness
    all has revealed itself here, in fullness
    though i know not its meaning, i am not dead!!!
    indeed everything is alive...just by being, it is liberated
    from what? no clue! love's a crazy game
    the world reveals itself as the world
    our minds are reflectors, projectors
    openings for the river of life
    streaming up, touching upon this notion
    existence, preserved and free
    what is music?
    what is time?
    what is newness?
    I hardly know ye, yet you rock me...
    yet I find myself unknown and loving, hugging
    appearing in the wood, that old leaf everythinging
    the woody city, towns... listen or whatever it is ya do they say
    should i describe? I only am the note
    a moment's name, So Come A Way
    everything is sweet
    somehow all feel it, we ar free in time
    for i am some one
    and you are some one
    we are someone together

    I used to hear the jungle call my name, when the clouds covered the sun, and everything was colder, then the shadow left and I left the park, I was young then, and I was happy
    I looked over the horizon, for they who would call, or into the dark lawn
    for them to show themselves
    there was nothing
    somewhere along the line, a flower blossomed in fall
    no one noticed or cared, i walked the street in my underwear
    tormenting by the cries of children, and the monotony of God
    sipping the free tea of Aine, which I had found
    across the heavenly expanse catbowls were stacked to infinity in circles
    and i simply gazed... the cold rain fell
    the new moon is coming... but my heart is old news

    waiting in untold jokes
    with crocus like faces
    the clockwork universe, time, its byzantine foliage, crush me trunk goer, enlivened by aisles where we once knew pomegranate, mango, coconut, and strawberry
    where the maisies once riffed and the daisies were ripped
    and divided equally among the fair uncertainty that grows in public corners
    where very few have sat, and when its like this, i know that i will have to give up the things i enjoy most
    because they are unwholesome, and have led me down the path of sin
    and to the doorstep of death, i bring a few hand written pamphlets on vegetarianism
    and also some home made lotion
    I say, ole, not out of contrivance, but just because
    and I am died, gone,and no more
  10. dollyfizz

    dollyfizz Senior Member

  11. fairman

    fairman Member

    Peace to all!
    A similar thread is already present is this section as "aisha" :

    1=My view:

    2= Would not it be better to present something which may add to world peace, instead of sparking emotions of certain adherent of a certain religion?

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