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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by chooch, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. chooch

    chooch Member

    i'm apprehensive that i won't be able to secure bud in a few months when i travel with family because the area won't be too familiar and finding it when you have no sources may prove difficult. (i'm going to canada.. laugh if you must at the fact that i feel as though i won't be able to find weed over there. none of the family i have over there smokes weed, and i don't want to hit the streets searching for a dealer).

    i just want to be sure i'll have ganj the whole time, but i'm not quite sure as to how i'm going to get through air port security. i've read a lot about busts in airports, but they all happened when someone tried to carry on their weed in their bag, or put it in their shoes, etc; how would putting it in my check in baggage work? i would vacuum seal it in bags multiple times, however i'm not quite sure how check in baggage security works, such as x-raying, canines, etc. i also thought about putting it in some kind of stuffed animal for the x-ray because it would look the same as the cotton ( i think), but then there's the smell. so, any advice possible would be fantastic.
  2. my friend put it in his sock when he went to hawaii. there were no drug dogs at the airport. i think you could sneak it in if there are no drug dogs. but this isnt the case sometimes. so youre taking a big risk if you bring it. not a good idea

    + my friend is really stupid and didnt even think about the possibilty of drug dogs
  3. chooch

    chooch Member

    i don't want to assume that there will be no drug dogs, because with my luck i will get royally fucked and be surrounded by more dogs than the airport even has.
  4. i would suggest not to bring any then and just get bud wherever youre going..
  5. chooch

    chooch Member

    yeah.. i plan on looking once i get there too. i just dont want to be completely dry if i end up having no luck
  6. 420fuchs

    420fuchs speaks the truth.

    I don't know why but something smells funny about this thread.
  7. ^^wow i understand why you said that. NARC!! PIG!! oh well he didnt get much info if he is one.
  8. passittotheleft

    passittotheleft Senior Member

    Don't be retarted, cops have too many doughnuts and innocent people to bust outside their homes. They don't care about teenage stoners. Anyways, how much will you be bringing? If you're gonna bring some, i suggest pocketing it unless you're checking some bags. If you're checking bags just find a small easy container. Maybe a highlighter or something. You can also find hideaway objects also, such as a can of shaving cream.
  9. chooch

    chooch Member

    oh, no, i'm not a narc... now where exactly do you live?
  10. GratefulFloyd

    GratefulFloyd Nowhere to fly to

    I go to airports all the time, and every time I pass through I think of how easy it would have been to sneak some herb past that time... but all it takes is one drug dog or one random search, and your life is fucked. I don't plan on risking it.
  11. chooch

    chooch Member

    i figure i may as well not risk it, because i've no idea how thoroughly my bags will be checked because it's international. i want to mail it to myself now, but i'm also afraid of x-raying and dog sniffing. so, it looks like i may be dry the whole time, meh. hopefully one of the members of the family has a stoner friend or two.
  12. chooch

    chooch Member

    i pose this question... does anyone mail weed ever? mitch hedburg said that his mailman was a drug dealer, and doesn't know it, haha. i'm just not sure how secure mail is, especially if being mailed to canada.
  13. broony

    broony Banned

  14. broony

    broony Banned

    Look at it this way man, your body will thank you for those days.
  15. 420MAN

    420MAN Member

    mailing it can be done ,smell can not pass throught metal, like tin foil but if your fingers have the smell on them when your wrapping it you can pass it on that way
  16. BudToker

    BudToker Senior Member

    I just put 2 grams and stuff them into the smallest ziplock I have, take all the air out of the ziplock. I wear baggy shorts or pants to the airpot and put the bud in my pocket. I make sure to have other shit in my pockets so they know I emptied them. Then I just walk through and get my shit on the other side. I've taken 8 grams in cargo pants this way and it is hella easy. I've never ever seen a drug or bomb dog in the airport and I just walk the hell through.
  17. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    shove it deep into your'll be fine.
  18. makesmomcry420

    makesmomcry420 shlimazl

    or duct tape it to your nutsack
  19. HydrohaMpster

    HydrohaMpster Member

    or put it in a smell proof ziplock, open your xbox or ps2 disk drive, unplugg your xbox, leaving the drive open, then put the ziplock in the drive closing it manually.

    i am positive this will work
  20. makesmomcry420

    makesmomcry420 shlimazl

    or you can go to a store and buy a bowling ball candle, hollow it out and put your weed inside of it!! itll work, trust me

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