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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by voodoo_child, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. voodoo_child

    voodoo_child Member

    hello, i'm new here. i'm 19 and from the uk. this is a cool site, i've been reading some of the poetry and there are some very talented people here.
    i love music, folk music is my favourite, ilove to play the guitar and any other instrument i can get my hands on, and maybe one day, if i ever get over my accute fear of standing in front of an audience and singing, i may fulfill my dreams of being a folk singer!
    i love led zeppellin, although i'm pretty sure i just spelt their name wrong! and i love arthur c clarke. if there are any other arthur c fans here i'd love to here from you.
    well thats about it for my intro. thanks for reading.

  2. Hello... welcome... :)

    If any confusion ensues then that's totally the work of Eris... and ofcourse of that other girl here named Voodoo child. ^_^

    With like mixing people up and all.
  3. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    hullo, hope you have fun here, welcome to hip forums...
  4. HippyHaley

    HippyHaley Member

    Welcome! I'm new as well. Is arthur c clarke a good author? What kind of stuff does he write about? I am trying to find some good books to read so let me know :D
  5. voodoo_child

    voodoo_child Member

    is arthur c clarke a good author?! absolutely! he rocks my world. hes science fiction writer, he wrote 2001 space odyssey, his most famous i think, but hes written hundreds of other brilliant novels and short stories. a good one is childhoods end. its mind blowing!
  6. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    :) ahoy and welcome... ;)
  7. AannaSolo

    AannaSolo Member

    warmest welcome!

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