Discussion in 'U.K.' started by blindhobosam, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. blindhobosam

    blindhobosam The Legend

    no one ever posts on here... it's like a ghost town of forums, there are past conversations but they all seem dull and pointless.............
  2. tulip

    tulip Member

    Everyone has probably wandered off for the holidays... Damn people with lives... :p
  3. blindhobosam

    blindhobosam The Legend

    damn you and your lives!!! why cant you be sad geeks that sit at home like everyone else?!?!?!?!
  4. MBintheOC

    MBintheOC We're all mad here..

  5. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    did anyone ever think that everyone could be sitting staring at their computers waiting for a post to appear..... thining everyone else is out and about having a life.... but really we are all just....waiting...


  6. weaselpop

    weaselpop Member

    You should right poetry man. That's... powertry.
  7. blindhobosam

    blindhobosam The Legend

    no it isnt, that's just what she does. she just wrote in such a way so that it would appear that she actually sits there pondering the facts of life instead of on some forum waiting for someone to post...sheesh
  8. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    yea i agree. heck im no poet! im just a lonely little girl who ponders life while watching the pixels on my screen flicker as i send another unanswered text of to another unsuspecting "friend".

    or AM i!? *gets all deep and mystical*
  9. blindhobosam

    blindhobosam The Legend

  10. blindhobosam

    blindhobosam The Legend

    and just a quick question

    how do you get all deep and mystical? is it something to do with the *'s?

    *eats a goose....mystically*

    Ah hah!
  11. weaselpop

    weaselpop Member

    i stand corrected. but pondering is also.... powerdering...? nah, doesn't work. oh well :p
  12. blindhobosam

    blindhobosam The Legend

    sounds like powdering....

    are you really standing?
  13. weaselpop

    weaselpop Member

    not when i wrote that... but i might've been when you asked that question. aha!
  14. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member

    two words:
    (actually its 4 words altogheter, but by the time i have written this it will actually be 23 words)

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