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  1. JamesR420

    JamesR420 Member

    I want to grow a plant because I'm broke alot and the weed is scarce where i am +i can't get a job because i'm busy with school and doing after school drivers ed to get my permit and license. i bought the cannabis grow bible and read through it, i found some problems with my situation
    A) i was going to grow in my room but i ahve 3 cats that would access to it and the book said cats would fuck it up
    B)i have a storage room that locks that is only accessable from my carport but there is no electrical sockets in there and there is only one lightbulb outlet.
    C)I live on a military base so with electricity usage rising I dont know how close they keep a watch on it.

    I rarely get bud cuz its so hard to come by and want it alot but my situation is kind of sticky as you've read. My dad is retiring this summer and we are moving to Virginia and I know mad people there and have hookups there and stuff and we will be living in a nice big offbase house. If I don't grow a plant i was considering growing my own mushrooms. Any advice/tips/comments you could give me?
  2. ekul le chet

    ekul le chet Member

    a ) grow in a box in your room, then your cats can't get in and you can cover the inside with mylar to better reflect the light off the box back onto the plants


    c ) haha gwarn growing bud on an army base! quality. anyway i doubt they'd notice the extra electric unless you thinking of some pro sized setup
  3. JamesR420

    JamesR420 Member

    thanks man, no no big thing just one plant
  4. FAT MAN

    FAT MAN Member

    Easy bruv,
    I think weve all been in your situation mate.
    I think the eletric wont be a problem as its an army base!!!!!!
    As for the cats i am sure that if u can get hold some plywood or even just some cardbourd from the supermarket and build a box of some sort just to keep the fuckers out!!
    As for carport that sounds a good idea but u do realise that you dont put ie a 600w or a 400w straight in the light and turn it on at the light switch.You have to buy a light switch come with a power pack. As for the electric i am sure that if you get hold of an extention lead and run it through.It only cheap mate and in the end its well worth it.
    But make sure that that carport is well venterlated and either cover it with mylar or paint it white. Just think of these things when growing 1.clean air 2.lights 3.the right soil.4.and nuitrents. get these thing right and u shoulndnt go far wrong. but keep them cats out and dont tell any 1 bout ur grow room. Hope thats help to u mate. and what ever u do HAPPY GROWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FAT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    lol 'teenager caught growing cannabis in military base' :p
    try finding a palce to grow it outside man, texan climate should be good

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