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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by PurpleOpal, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. PurpleOpal

    PurpleOpal Member

    I have just recently acquired a red superman pill and am a little nervous about rolling for my first time. I have done acid and shrooms many times and I was just wondering what to expect my first time as far as the experience and coming down. Any advice or stories to ease my mind before taking it would be awesome.
  2. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    uhhhhhhh i wouldent be worried its defintaly not going to get you all spun out like L and boomers i always thought it felt like doing a tad bit of L and a pissload speed its nothing neer as intense or cool, shit i guess try it once. I would try anything once unless you can buy the shit to make it at wallmart.
  3. stick with the cid and shrooms after this time youll see why they are better.
  4. bellringer

    bellringer Member

    Just have some bud around for the comedown and while its still kicking in. Well I smoke the entire time so what am I talking about? Its a lot different than cid/shrooms, you'll not gonna trip out or see anything. Pretty much you'll just be in a great mood and talkative. Have some friends with you and have fun.
  5. PurpleOpal

    PurpleOpal Member

    how much water is too much water when your rolling?
  6. jbones23

    jbones23 Member

    You'll know. When your pissing every five minutes, then its too much. Just buy a 20 ounce water bottle and casually sip it and refill as needed. Just turn on some sweet music and smoke some green on the comedown.
  7. yeah i dont even get super thirtsy, i just used a litre bottle of water throughout the night sipping and it was fine. and yes green and music, and many many huggable loved ones, and loved ones will be anyone/thing resembling a living being.
  8. trailerparkboy

    trailerparkboy Heat Bag

    just drink what you need to
  9. i onli need water on speedy rolls. if dere good i dont really get dehydrated
  10. blabla

    blabla Member

    if u end up being really dancing..and you sweat a lot, drink it up a little bit more then...just sort of listen to what your body is trying to tell you..

    definatley have people you love or at least that you enjoy their company, around you
  11. yeah just every now and again stop and go get some water, you may want to keep dancing, but go get some.
  12. coadyj

    coadyj Member

    see if you can get your hands on some sleeping tablets,
    you will need them

    remember, three main parts to the trip
    Initial orgasmic, come up and amazing feeling - Makes Me seem sleepy (Can make you a little sick sometimes)
    Main High - the bit where you tell everyone how much you love them
    The Comedown - the bit where you crave more

    good luck with it, dont waste it,

    use e responcibly - you dont want to loose the magic too soon
  13. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. You only have one pill, from what I understand. Just try to stay moderately hydrated and have a good time. You will hardly have any nervous thoughts while you're rolling. You may have a few nervous thoughts when it first kicks in, because your heart will start beating kinda fast, but that subsides when you get used to it. Just try to have a good time and not worry about it too much. Drink a cup of water every now and then throughout the "trip" and you'll be alright. Have fun and tell us how it goes.
  14. my first time i popped a pink lexus and snorted another smoked a blunt and snorted two klonopin got completely fucked and loved it. rolling is the craziest thing ever. lights are bright as hell you FEEL EVERYTHING and i MEAN EVERYTHING. first tiem you should pop that shit wait hour or however long it takes once its hitting you smoke a j and just listen to somehting you really enjoy listening to it will be all good. smoke weed coming down it wont be bad
  15. i would advise stocking up on some benzos. they always help me with my comedowns. if not just get some powerful normal sleeping pills. lack of sleep is usually what makes the comedown rough. good luck and dont worry bout it you'll LoOovE it :)
  16. A-Shwa-Child

    A-Shwa-Child Member

    DON'T PANIC...
    If your not doing anything, just grooving to some tunes and just talking... You dont need to drink that much water, but still have to... But if you partying then you better drink up... And remeber the more the merrier :D have fun
  17. have alot of ciggarets(if you smoke)
    alot of fuzzy stuff and stuffed animals
    good friends
    good music
    and most importantly do waht you wanna do. i found that if you get an urge on if you feel like going outside for a walk or you feel like watching a certain movie or doing enything at all then doin it will make it alot more fun
  18. yeah ciggies on rolls are the only time i enjoy them.
  19. ESP_Shredder

    ESP_Shredder Member

    Man, I'd say just go with it. If it's your first time I pretty much guarantee you're gonna love it. I was nervous as hell my first time but as soon as it kicks in, everything is just amazing. I must have said "man I feel amazing" nearly 100 times through the course of the roll. Don't worry about the comedown too much. That worry comes in after you've done it a few times. The first time I rolled I had no problem with the comedown but now it sucks :p You really can't plan out your trip on E cause you have such horrible short term memory on it, everything that happens is usually spur of the moment. This is just my personal input though.

  20. jbones23

    jbones23 Member

    Yes, cigarettes are AMAZING on E. Buy a pack to yourself and you'll probably smoke it all throughtout the night.

    That is true you can't plan out your trip cause your memory is shit. Me and my buddies would be talking and then all the sudden none of us could remember what the fuck we were talking about. We did that atleast 10 times over the course of the roll.

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