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Discussion in 'TV' started by SharyBobbins, May 8, 2004.

  1. SharyBobbins

    SharyBobbins QPR Football Fan

    Hey. I love Sea Lab 2021. Sea Lab go booom! Uh-oh!

    Milkshake got dissed by his Russian bride this past week on ATHF.

    Eliza: The life of the wife was ended by the knife.
    Stewie: How was it ended?
    Eliza: By the knife, by the knife.
    Together: The life of the wife was ended by the knife.

    On Futurama, How did that cigar burn the house down? It was in water!
  2. I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force, my favorite character is probably Carl.

    I love the episode where the Mooninites return, it's the one with the Foreigner belt. I love it when Carl yells, "I saw 'em in '78 at Madison Square Garden, IT WAS A KICK ASS SHOW!" I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.
  3. SharyBobbins

    SharyBobbins QPR Football Fan

    I have a sticker of the green mooninite giving the finger on my laptop.
  4. Loki

    Loki Member

    pure the DVD.
  5. SharyBobbins

    SharyBobbins QPR Football Fan

    your'e from Jersey? Have you been to Kevin Smith's shop in Red Bank?
  6. Loki

    Loki Member

    Yep, i go to school right next to redbank. Me and my friends take "kevin smith road trips" all over jersey. I have been to the Quick Stop, the flea market on Route one from mall rates, the church. All over. And his movies are definetly my favorite.
  7. SharyBobbins

    SharyBobbins QPR Football Fan

    So cool. Most of the stuff in the Quick Stop shop is signed. Do you have any autographed stuff?
  8. Yeah you gotta love the family guy. Stewie is just too cute and i love it when he thinks he is gonna take over the world :p I think Meetwad is my favorite on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and for Futurama its gotta be Bender!


  9. SharyBobbins

    SharyBobbins QPR Football Fan

    I also have a sticker of space ghost, sealab 2021's debbie with a dolphin and harvey birdman as well as an [adult swim] logo sticker which is next to my "mouse" and below the alt key on the left.
  10. Exodus's Loki

    Exodus's Loki Member

    STEWIES THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Megs just scary because she reminds me of a young me with smaller breasts, her brother is scary cuz he reminds me of a younger me with larger breasts, Peter makes me laugh like watch a cat get run over, and the big o momma of the group....i don't like her, she opresses stewie too much, i hope he does take over the world just so he can get rid of her*evil grin*

    *Stewie* " I AM VICTORIOUS!!"
  11. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    i love adult swim..
    sealab2021 is me favorite and so is ATHF
  12. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    I wish I got cartoon network.

    but I'm poor and full cable isn't really a priority. I used to love watching it.
  13. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    i love tom goes to the mayor and ATHF i cant wait for a new season
  14. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    you dont have cable either, alas we can share everything :D
  15. Children of Bodom

    Children of Bodom Senior Member

    Sealab kicks ass *respeck knuckles*

    I dont get into the anime shows, though. Super Milk Chan was funny the first time, but i can say i dont like it at all
  16. NaykidApe

    NaykidApe Bomb the Ban

    :D Happy Alvis day everybody!!
  17. Amanda's Shadow

    Amanda's Shadow Flower Child

    I love family guy! Did you see american dad? I saw part but i was so tire that i fell asleep!
  18. Unbreakable_T

    Unbreakable_T Member

    who touched the thermostat?

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