Addiction (poem)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Templedragon, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Templedragon

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    Addiction (12/29/04) *don't read anything into this, it's just a poem

    addiction, a duty

    a dereliction of beauty

    agonize, antagonize

    to organize my blurry eyes

    jonesin', jammin'

    lyin' and cheatin' and scammin'

    irritation, flagellation

    an e-ticket to a hell vacation

    dope deal, bone meal

    mother and father asleep at the wheel

    catatonic, embryonic

    if ya do enough the damage is orthodontic

    welfare, blank stare

    a vile of piss or a clip of the hair

    exhausted, agnostic

    taking in substances that are caustic

    town slut, catgut

    coke is cheap when there's a dope glut

    hypnotize, fertilize

    a shame sandwich toped off with lies

    suicidal, sub-title

    one dose away from homicidal

    paranoid, overjoyed

    six months and holding at unemployed

    infection, no protection

    hocking your children's stamp collection

    a basement, endorsement,

    a few weeks away from support enforcement

    weight loss, high cost

    a life held together by dental floss

    half gram, flim-flam,

    a monthly check from Uncle Sam

    limp dick, joy stick

    some tin foil and a flick of the bic

    tar babies, a case of scabies

    foam at the mouth like a dog with rabies

    cheap whore, back door

    on the verge of death but you do some more

    cop car, wet bar

    you don't even know where the fuck you are

    escapism, cataclysm

    a peepshow floor all covered with jism

    hype kit, tight fit

    that's not a track it's just a zit

    lost cause, broken laws

    the tape recorder is stuck on pause

    relapse, synapse

    tension's so tight that the lifeline snaps

    denial in a vile

    yellow vomit on antique floor tile

    redemption, pre-emption

    is that for real or a hair extension?

    addiction? naw man, I can stop anytime I want.
  2. Revenant Phantasm

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    mix it up and it could make a good song as well.
  3. MysticSnowcone

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  4. Beach Bum

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    !that is a right on poem!
    makes me want ta move my head as i read it!
  5. Hippievixen

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    so raw and unapologetic...

    i love it, viv!
  6. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

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    man, i love it!!! that's pretty awesome.

    my favourite part was,
    "dope deal, bone meal
    mother and father asleep at the wheel"

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