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Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by Platinum_twf, Jan 21, 2005.

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    I got two 30 mg adderall xr pills for some Q's are

    1. should I just take one, or do you think I should take 2?

    2. what are the effects like?

    3. should I snort it, or just take it? if you think I should snort it, how do I go about doing it, I never snorted any thing

    4. is there a difference in the effects, if you snort it, instead of just taking it.

    5. how long do the effects last, and do they last different amounts of time if you snort it as apposed to just taking it? and how long do they take to start...

    6. do you think people would be able to tell I'm on it? I was thinking of trying it for the first time on Monday before school...

    7. and what does the XR mean?

    8. will it get me to talk more?
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    the XR it time release this mean the pill laster long but doesnt get you as messed, crush them both up and just take the powder, if you just take one alone or dont crush them up you will have like a 6hour suger low which will just suck. they dont make you talk that much a littile more then normal no one will know that your on it i did adderall for like a year every day in school and no one knew so you should be fine it last for about 4-6 hours when you take it eat you may not be hungry but eat anyway and drink lots of water
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    Fuck that! If you have no tolerance to amphetamines I would strongly advise you NOT crush or snort them. If you have no tolerance to amphetamines I would start with ONE and see. Do not take them before school, if you are NOT ADHD with no tolerance for amphetamines, you will get a 'speed' or 'Wired' type effect. If you are ADD/ADHD then you will most likely get a calmer more focused effect. I say play safe if you have never taken them before by taking 1 first. Everyone is different in what they experience with ADDERAL XR, so be careful. It is a Narcotic and it is nothing to play with if you are not sure what you are doing. Peace and Think!
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    I have some 20mg pills the same of the original poster. They come in a transparent orangish gel-cap. I wake up, empty half a pill, crush the little balls and snort em up. Doesn't burn and the drip is almost sweet. Gets me goin just fine for the morning classes.

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