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  1. I'm in need of a good Adaware,Spyware remover. All the ones i find just let you scan for free then they want you to registar for like 30 bucks to remove the shit. So if any of you can help i would appreicate it.
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    Most people I know who are using freeware Spyware Remover use a combination of Spybot Search & Destroy and Adaware. You can find them both in the list below. Here's a few good freeware spyware detection/removal programs.

    Ad-aware -
    Bazooka -
    Diet K -
    SpyBot Search & Destroy -
    SpywareBlaster -
    SpywareGuard -

    If you're going to go with a paid version I suggest going with webroot's spysweeper. If you would like to obtain a free version of webroot's spysweeper feel free to send me a PM. Hope this post helped you.
  4. thank you, for the help

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