Act One

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by wildbutterfly, Sep 5, 2005.

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    changes and expiriments
    moldings of yourself
    captivated souly in the truth
    Contingencies ahead
    of what will they conduct to the manuscript
    the actors are in place
    the settings all are done
    the director gets set for the show
    act one has commenced
    the race has begun
    slowly started but picking up slack

    a journy is set for the warrior
    weary though making a stand
    surrendering all she has lived for
    to an ever more righteous of man
    deafeted by monsters of anguish
    torn and tattered afraid
    a river is heard in the distance
    of which her soul shall be saved
    grabbing her sword she goes onward
    to battles of big and of brave
    never knowing her reasons
    never quite knowing the way

    the lights go up
    the curtains closed
    act one is sewed up shut
    but at its end another begins
    and so the show goes on
    but does she ever make it
    the stories not complete
    will she triumph over battles
    or will they induce her to defeat
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    Sorry guys burnout moment... this is supposed to be over in poetry... sorry...:S

    I suppose though in a sense it's still a random thought... or thoughts...

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