Acid or NBOME?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by savannahtree, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. savannahtree

    savannahtree Member

    Hey there,

    Few months back now I took my first tab of acid (what I thought was). I was relatively comfortable and relaxed, but not as much as I'd like to have been.

    The tab made my upper lip very numb and it did have some sort of taste to it, but I can't quite remember. After reading some of the posts on this forum I would now believe it was NBOME, but I'd still like your opinions so I will try and describe my trip to you, although it is hard to remember exactly.

    Bearing in mind this was my first psychedelic and my knowledge on that drug field is not so high as compared to others.

    Couple of hours in I was getting pretty cool visuals, everything looked HD, really defined. I remember staring into a record case and it looked as if it was 3D. It was raining outside, looked as if it was raining inside (slightly). At about this time I also kept thinking police were at the door, they weren't, but I kept thinking I could see yellow high-vis and blue (UK police uniform) through the window of my mate's front door. This was obviously making me feel a bit worried, but it was all cool still. My vision was also beginning to become strange at this time. As in I couldn't see straight, everything looked blurred and I couldn't concentrate well on things (similar to how vision becomes on Ketamine).

    Things started getting a little freaky after this, about 3/4 hours in now, I was still sane though. I decided to smoke a small spliff and kept forgetting where it was after having passed it to a friend. When it was passed back to me, it felt as if it had just appeared from nowhere. For some reason I found that quite uncomfortable. I tried to use the toilet but couldn't get myself to urinate (no idea why). I then thought I was locked in the bathroom, even though there was no lock. I looked in the mirror and my teeth were pulsing with black and a red wine type red.

    From then it goes a little like this - I was sitting down, slipping in and out of what seemed like a dream and reality. In this "dream" I thought my whole life was being explained to me, beginning with why my friends were my friends. E.g what certain friends meant to me, what did they symbolise in my life? I kept speaking my thoughts out loud. Such as, "So this is why this is like that, and this is why Will is my friend." This continued but with all aspects of my life, what my job meant, my views etc etc. Then I would come back to reality, and try and join my friend's conversations, but again, I found it hard to concentrate and I quickly slipped back into this freaky dream like thing.

    My friend started to cook some noodles and I became very scared and thought that he was going to blow up his house with the gas from the hob. Needles to say, he didn't.

    This whole time I had a strange, uncomfortable feeling (yet relaxing in a strange way) in my head and through parts of my body, almost like a burning sensation.

    I then began to become really strange and slightly aggressive. I was taking off one of my mate's hats, touching my other friend's face, and beginning to throw things about, hitting my host in the head numerous times. For some reason I was beginning to get horny over nothing too.

    Unfortunately my friend kicked me out because I was getting so bad and he was beginning to hit a bad trip because of me. And shit got really weird outside..

    I felt that I had been told the truth of life and that I knew everything, and all I had to do was die so I could be reborn as some sort of God-Like being. Suicide was in my mind because of this (not nice). I suppose it's safe to say I now entered into a very bad trip. Some friends were with me (2 of which were tripping) others were sober. I thought they were all trying to kill me, so I became very hostile towards them, punching them and screaming etc. I began to smell disgusting smells that I immediately associated with death and I began to think that my whole life was just death. I was throwing myself at walls, punching myself very hard in the face and rolling on the floor. My back and arms were awfully bruised and scratched.

    I also began to think that life could be more relaxed and easy than my confused mind was before hand, and that everyone has done acid and seen the "truth" and therefore lived happier afterwards.

    Another thought was that the Earth and all of life had been created from some sort of dream like seed. So I started rolling up in a ball and lying on the floor, trying to be like a seed that would explode into life.

    My friends called the ambulance because I was just too out of hand and many people of the public were just watching and becoming frightened. A home owner close by must have called the police because they turned up before the ambulance.

    I remember at one point sitting on the floor, feeling very dazed and confused, feeling that I was just something that had been clinging onto my life for a lot of time, but now it was gone. It was a satisfying feeling.

    I then began to think that my life was just a dream and that everybody else had awoken from it but me. It was a very embarrassing feeling and I thought that everyone was laughing at me because I hadn't awoken from this dream and entered into the "proper life."

    When the ambulance came I thought I had died because at the same time as I was being taken into the back of it, church bells were ringing, and I felt numb in my body. With all the paramedics around me looking at me it felt as if I had died. I remember thanking some of the paramedics because I thought they had saved me from my false dream life and let me die so that I can be reborn into the new life. I began screaming to try and wake up from the "dream" and enter my new life.

    I then must have blacked out because I can't remember the journey to the hospital at all, and when I regained conscience I was already lying in the hospital bed (they had put me to A&E) in some hospital clothes. They had stripped me of my soaking clothes from rolling around outside.

    When I awoke in the hospital I was VERY confused, and still thought that I had to awaken from my dream into real life, but something pulled me back from doing so. Within minutes I was back in reality and realised what had happened.

    That's about the best way I can describe what happened, cause as I say, it's hard to remember exactly what happened, but I can remember the emotions and feelings I had perfectly.

    So do you think it was acid, or some sort of NBOME? Also, does that sound like a standard bad trip? Or something more?

    Cheers guys. I look forward to replies.
  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    The numb lip and fugue type state on such a low dose suggest it was an NBOME.

    One can have a bad trip without ending up in the emergency room, so I'd say that sounds like something more. Also when you're exploring new drugs be careful with mixing, even if its with something as seemingly benign as pot.
  3. savannahtree

    savannahtree Member


    Thanks for your reply.

    What do you think could have triggered my reaction to it in such a bad way? I know that's a hard question to answer as you don't know me and my mind, but are there any similar cases you have heard?
  4. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Reactions similar to yours seem to be more common with the NBOME's compared to LSD, Mescaline, mushrooms and 2cx.

    A lot of it has to do with indiviual response but ill postulate some possible reasons why these reactions may be more frequent with Nbome...

    -NBOME's are only active via Routes of Administration which bypass first pass metabolism.. (sublingual, buccal, nasal) This means that there is likely a greater degree of variability in response among different individuals as you are recieving more of the drug compared to oral and compared to most other drugs which are active orally, there will be a steeper dose/response curve. So for instance, if someone were to double their dose they'll likely get an exponential increase in effects rather than a fairly reliable twice as strong increase in effects that they'd get from an oral drug.

    - I've only briefly read on 25i-NBOME pharmacology (some of the other NBOME pharmacology may vary) but it's a full agonist of 5ht2a receptors as where LSD, mescaline, Shrooms etc. are partial agonists at this receptor site. This receptor site is implicated to be one of the primary receptor sites for hallucinogenic and mind altering effects from psychedelics. Another notable receptor which I've seen listed as active from 25I-NBOME is the Kappa Opioid receptor. This receptor is active in a few atypical Psychedelics such as Salvia Divinorum and Ibogaine. These create more disassociative type effects (you mention some similarity to Ketamine in your report even) Ibogaine in particular shares some resembalance with 25I-NBOME as its also a 5ht2a agonist. There is also some other pharmalogical activity which may suggest a higher prevalance of seizures compared to most psychedelics.

    The Kappa Opioid effect may elicit more of the amnesic effects from NBOME and especially with the potent 5ht2a agonism may cause unusual and odd behavior that is less frequent in other psychedelics, weed may even exacerbate it.
  5. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    Thank you for sharing this. My gf had a very similar reaction on an extremely powerful trip of NBOME + LSD. Not only were the physical side effects scary (strongest vasoconstriction of my life) but she went into a full fugue state. This helps me understand that troubling episode and I'll share this with her. Her fugue state was even similar to yours (very god and devil oriented, and she thought I was both at different points in the trip, sometimes it would flip minute to minute). I originally thought it was just "too much" for her, but now I'm starting to understand that this is an effect that NBOME elicits somewhat frequently from user reports.
  6. savannahtree

    savannahtree Member

    Interesting. Much appreciated for your time and education.

    The weed definitely added to the intensity. It all got out of hand after the joint. I suppose it didn't help that it was also my first time on a hallucinogen.

    I'd like to take psychedelics again, but I think I'll try and stay away from NBOME's if possible. Me and some buddies go to Amsterdam come November and we plan on taking truffles in the hotel room one of the nights. I personally plan on taking what would be equivalent to about 3/4 of a tab of LSD (10g?), to take it easy considering what happened when I took that tab as stated above. Does weed intensify the trip on LSD/Shrooms as much as it does with NBOME's? I don't plan on smoking while tripping, but needles to say I will have smoked a while before taking the truffles (I will make sure the effects of the bud have worn off before eating them).
  7. savannahtree

    savannahtree Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    The vasoconstriction doesn't sound nice! I don't think it gave me any physical side effects other than bruises and pain across my body which were caused by my own actions. I think I may have thrown up. I also remember squeezing my eyes very tightly to try and get them out. Freaky.

    What I want to know, is where the awful smells were coming from. Can psychedelics trigger a certain memory of a smell associated with a bad time in your life? (or good time). Even if that scent isn't actually present at the time? It was very strange.

    Not that I know much about psychedelics, but I would agree with you that these kind of reactions are due to the effects of NBOME's. My mate was speaking to a nurse about my experience who said, "sounds like every other case of someone on something like that who gets brought into hospital."

    I hope your gf doesn't dwell in her mind about her bad experience too much. Life's not worth living in the past with regret.
  8. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    No it was a long time ago and we spent many, many hours deconstructing it afterwards over the weeks. Actually that very night once we had come down she was already over it and we were trying to figure out what happened and laughing about aspects of it and shaking our heads about other aspects. That trip had darkness and delusion in it but it also had tremendous insight and beauty, one of my most visually amazing trips, not because of the psychedelics, but because we were watching a titanic comunolimbus cloud in the distance, giving off a fierce electrical storm, all during the sunset. Unreal. Something like this ( but far more beautiful, it was still quite bright and the sun was outlining all the delicate curls of the clouds.

    As for triggering smells, why not, they seem to trigger just about everything else, from visions to sensations of movement to changing how the passage of time feels . . .
  9. savannahtree

    savannahtree Member

    Wow. I bet seeing that on LSD was almost as good as life itself. Unfortunately for me, I live in the UK. So the chances of seeing nature's beauty in such a grand form is nigh impossible :).
  10. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Some find Weed can intensify LSD/Shrooms, low doses in particular... However some find on a full psychedelic dose that the effects of smoking pot are either negligible or lead to negative effects, although probably not as drastic as what you experienced, again a lot of it comes down to individual response. There are some who can take shrooms, drink half a handle and smoke copious amounts of weed and not experience any significant deleterious effects but Poly drug use adds many more variables to the mix to be accounted for, so it's good to explore new Chems, particularly those as powerfully mind altering as psychedelics on their own initially.

    I am not a frequent weed smoker and it's fairly rare that I smoke when tripping but in my experimentation, I'd recommend that the period of residual mental stimulation at the end of an LSD/Shrooms trip where the Main trip is over but you're not quite back to baseline and where sleep may be difficult is a good time to smoke if you have to do it. I find it can bring back the trip a bit and add a nice afterglow. Just make sure you've fully made it through the trip because occasionally you can have brief moments of feeling sober admist the peak effects of a trip only to be thrown back into powerful peak psychedelic effects moments later.
  11. Volupta

    Volupta Member

    Hey OP :) I had a similar experience on NBOME (note: I am the gf Writer is talking about).

    I felt like somehow by taking this drug I had been able to 'see' the truths of the universe and that I was chosen to be some kind of new 'Eve" (as in Adam and Eve). I cant quite remember why, but I was thinking that there was this choice I had to make - a choice to live or die.

    I could choose to die and live some kind of afterlife in paradise with 'the devil', not remembering my life on earth or the loved ones I'd left behind, or I could choose to stay alive and continue caring for all my loved ones, even though I knew it would mean a lot of heartache and no paradise. It was a mixture of life versus death, god versus devil, good versus bad, and ignorant bliss versus knowledgeable suffering.

    One very salient part of the trip was the violin music playing in my head...similar to those smells you experienced. This music was in my head, and I knew it was in my head, but it was also an auditory hallucinogen - it sounded like the music was all around me, being played outside of my body and spiraling into my ears! The experience was so salient that now I can understand what people with schizophrenia mean when they talk about hearing voices.

    I am disappointed that people are selling NBOME as acid, and the lack of longitudinal information and the physical complaints suck. That being said, it was truly an eye-opening and informative trip into my own inner subconscious, and I learned a lifetime's worth of knowledge from this one trip.
  12. Raga_Mala

    Raga_Mala Psychedelic Monk

    Hmm. I was considering a medium-dose NBOME trip by myself in the woods but this is making me rethink.

    I have tried 25i once, and had a mild-to-medium but DEFINITELY noticeable trip. This was the result of 2 tabs, so I was thinking a 3 tab dosage of the same stuff would be a solid trip.

    The 2 tab dosage did not cause a fugue state or any particularly unpleasant effect aside from a bit of tooth-grinding. I assumed the upgrade to a 3 tab amount would not make such a huge difference.

  13. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    Seems to be hit or miss with NBOME . . . i am sitting on a full sheet of it and am afraid to take any more :( only ever took 1.5 hits of it i think. I don't mind the temporary fugue state so much (as long as there are no long term mental effects!) but the vasoconstriction really makes me paranoid. I think as long as you don't mix and you know what you're taking and what you're doing, and you dose VERY moderately, you should be fine. if 2 hits didn't feel physically overwhelming for you then i'd say venturing to 3 sounds reasonable. good luck
  14. savannahtree

    savannahtree Member

    Thanks for sharing! Sorry for such a late reply, been busy as of late!

    Yes I can relate to what you describe very much so, obviously not exactly but very similar thoughts and feelings. It was quite overwhelming for me :') and I'd never have thought a trip to be like that so was quite disappointed that I had such a nightmarish trip while my mates and others have had amazing times with the same tabs. Like people say, I guess it's hit and miss with the NBOME.

    It was still a fascinating experience and since that night I have cut down significantly on my weed smoking (from 5-8g a week to 1-2g a week). The trip almost gave me an epiphany to live a bit more in the present and not be so concerned of things and problems I have that don't really matter. And to not be so stoned all the time :') as that was making me live in the mind a bit too much. I had wanted the change before hand, so I think the trip just very vividly and intensely enhanced those objectives that I was aiming for, almost like giving me a fresh start to life.

    I am no good with 'breaking down' a trip as like I say, I have little experience with psychedelics and can't really understand what certain things might have meant. But that is roughly the "message" I got from it.

    Forgot to mention. What you describe here was basically the core of my trip.
  15. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    we seemed to have more negative effects from the 25's that were laid .. powder that come from labs were fine. in fact. It makes me wonder if the tabs are not contaminated with another substance as well..

    since there a dozen chems that will fit on paper now. sadly the blotter days come to an end. back to nature trips.. with good ol' psilocybin.. :love:
  16. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    Oh yeah thanks for reminding me I have some nbome crystals that I'm even less eager to touch :rofl:

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