Abuse Of Methaqualone, Mandrax, Quaaludes, Etaqualone

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    I am conducting [SIZE=11.5pt]research[/SIZE] on the abuse of Methaqualone and its related analogues: Etaqualone, Cloroqualone and Methylmethaqualone. If you have ever used these substances, or subtances related to Methaqualone, I would be really grateful if you could complete my short survey, so that I can fill the gap in [SIZE=11.5pt]knowledge about the extent of abuse of the substances.[/SIZE] The survey is completely anonymised, has ethical approval and will not ask for personal information. Please follow the link below to access the survey. Many, many thanks in advance for your help and [SIZE=11.5pt]cooperation[/SIZE]!


    (I hope it is fine to post this here.)

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    If only I could get him to fill in the survey :D
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    my use of Quaaludes is this.....when I had them I abused them in that I took them to getfucked up

    my best friend in my teens was names keith....but his nickname became ''teeth'' after trying to pee on too many Quaaludes and he fell face first into the toilet and smashed one front tooth clean in half horizontally

    also I remember I could only get them from people travelling to florida where apparently they were abundant

    I wish I had a lude right now :)
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    I came upon ludes just as they stopped manufacturing so I only had the pleasure to get my hands on a couple of them at a very, very high price but OH WHAT A FEELING!!!!! I won't ever forget that feeling and nothing in 20 years has come close! I didn't get sleepy but so relaxed! When I finally did let my head hit the pillow I have to admit it was the best sleep I ever experienced. But who wants to sleep when they are enjoying the feeling so much??? I wish they would bring them back but I realize they never will.....what a shame! Too bad I didn't make enough to stockpile! I'll miss you forever 714!!!
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    Okay. I have read a lot of threads about quaaludes. First of all, quaaludes are NOT in the class of drugs referred to as barbiturates. Rule of thumb: barbiturates end in "al".... (seconal, nembutal, amytal,tuinal, sodium pentathal, phenobarbital, pentabarbital, ....etc.).
    The 70's offered a lot of 'sedative hypnotic' drugs: barbs, placidyl, sopers, quaaludes, (Parest 400's were 400 mg. Methaqualone instead of 300 mg.....typical lude...on steroids.).
    "Disco Biscuits"....awesome....
    $2.00 each.....
    A "jar of beans" were a bottle of 100. $50 or so.
    I attended Berkeley in the early 70's...the local Univ. Newspaper was "The Berkley Barb"....the 'want ad' section was filled with ads regarding ANYTHING for sale!!!! from ludes to sex to .....you name it.....
    A very different time......
    The only thing that I can say remotely compares to the feeling of ludes, is, perhaps, Brompton's Cocktail.....
    It is an Out Of Body experience....
    Simply: If you are in a good mood.....the mood will get a lot better....euphoric perhaps.....
    I miss the 70s.....
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    LUDES, LUDES, LUDES, Oh how i miss you!!! First time i had a lude was in 1981. I was 15 and we were going to Manhatten for the night. ( I lived in Brooklyn). I remember buying 3 for $10. My friends and i all took 2 at one time and saved the 3rd one, and we drank a 32 ounce Old English 800 malt liquer. ( 40 oz beer wasnt out in those days.) By the time i was done drinking the 32 oz ( 20 min after we ate the 2 ludes i felt tingly all over. Than we all noticed about another 30 min or so after that we were all slurring our asses off. I was stubbling and slurring all night without a care in the world. I walked into a stop sign by accident at a fast pacing walk and didnt feel a thing. LOL.
    Someone wrote in that they said the ludes years ago only lasted an hr or two. Well that person must of had a stale batch or fake ones cause when i took them in 1981-1984 they were ALWAYS potent and lasted all night. As a matter of fact, and this is the Gods honest truth, the next morning id wake up with hiccups and still stumbling around i kid you not. If i smoked a half joint the next day i was pretty much luded out again. Nothing else that i know of compares to an authentic 714. Not Xanax bars not anything. ( Although 3-4 Xanax bars are a little bit close to the lude effect but no cigar. LOL. We were all anxiety free on ludes, not a care in the world, and had a numb tingly feeling all night into the next day. If we were high on blow ( The good blow in the very early 1980s) all we had to do was eat a lude to come down and get to sleep. But just like in the Wall St movie when Leo mentioned to fight off the sleep for 20 min or so you'll get a kick ass high. Thats exactly what happened and what we did. The only two cons i have with Quaaludes are it made us fight EASILY with others and that they are banned. LOL. Id do ANYTHING for a real authentic 714 Quaalude. In my old neighborhood in Brooklyn NY they were called Gorilla Bizquits, Disco Bisquits, or Lemmons. By the way some people say Rorer was better than the Lemmons but in my opinion they were both good.
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    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes............. They made me so horny!

    I use to down them with a quart of Miller beer.

    RIP Rorer 714s.

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