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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by MagnanimityMan, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. heyy, how many people here have a high tolerance to reefer? how many people here have a low tolerance to reefer?

    i've been smoking for probably 4 years now, and basically daily for these last 2. the friends i hang out with always yell at me for getting completely out of my mind stoned so easily. with maybe 3 heads in the room, i'm on my cloud after our first bowl or two, or after the first joint.

    it seems i'm not developing a tolerance at all... but instead the opposite. my friends see me completely in my mind, with an ear to ear smile on my face, swaying to the doors or whatever music is playing, and yell at me for being so stoned so early. it's not as if i'm any less experienced then them, because i'm not. i think it's because i'm a very happy person, truly happy person... also very easy going. i dont have much really burdening my thought, my spirit... you know? is this what might be causing my nearly automatic highs?

    is anyone else like this and notice the same thing?
    peace and love love love
  2. u are truly blessed if u can get crazy stoned off 1 joint, but i think im sorta like that 2.i smoke more often then most of my friends but i seem to get high quicker then them. i still mange to have a quarter oz night every once in a while but most of the time its like 3 bowls outta my minibong

    i think its cuz some people show it more then others. somtimes you might think ur higher then them cuz ur dancing or whetver but they juyst arnet dancincong or singing or whetever.
  3. i'm very inside of myself with my high. if you were to see me BLAZED, i'd be sitting on the bed indian style or laying down, smile on my face, eyes closed.

    also, i know my friends aren't high this early because they tell me. they put in their little "man ethan's lucky", and they sock me a punch to the knee and tell me to sober up and stop ruining the rotation and such.
  4. reef

    reef Member

    hrm.... tolerance

    smoking everyday for the past while, it still takes me 1-2 bong loads to get me high. but that is just crossing the threshold. i could smoke a lot more to the point of where i can barley walk and have extreme blurred vision. i've never smoked so much to where i can't get anymore higher. makes me wonder if their is even a limit to how high. i would think you'd probably just pass out after smoking too much.

    i think it's probably cause you know what to expect so you take the high easier as it comes. but as for tolerance, fuk that not really a tolerance for smoking reefer, thou i must say the high reached when not smoking for a while like a week or so does get me signicatly baked.
  5. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    My tolerance is through the roof now, I'll get pretty high but it doesn't last anywhere near as long as it used to. Gone are the days when one joint was more than enough...:(
  6. yeah, sadly the same is happening to me. I get high for a little while, then i just get mellow. it sucks. me and my friend started smoking around the same time (about 2 years now) and it always took me a lot less to get baked, until lately.
  7. Mannnn, I get crazy stoned so easily... like after half a bowl I've got a normal buzz goin on but after the full bowl I'm in outer spaceeeee.
  8. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    After I first started smoking, I had like a reverse tolerance. But lately it has been getting higher and it's so annoying. Some of my friends can get stoned so easily and I'm jealous!
  9. I've only started smoking about 4 months ago, so my tolerance level is still pretty low. I can normally get really buzzed after one bowl of good mids, after two I'm gone.
  10. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    I have a high tolerance, but I also have a better feel of how much it takes me to reach certain levels with the weed. Sometimes I just want a tiny buzz, or sometimes I just want to get high off my ass.
  11. sag aloo

    sag aloo Member

    I've always needed a shackload 2 get hi but you definately can get tolerant after years of constant use -I've been toking 16 years now & I do 50-100 bowls a day of dank & my tolerance is weird can go for a week hardly feeling stoned then feel stoned again like my tolerance changes. mostly tolerance will go down quite quick if u take a few days off - I havent had a break in years now - but I remember that tolerance was back within a few days of restarting constant use
  12. sag aloo

    sag aloo Member

    "My tolerance is through the roof now, I'll get pretty high but it doesn't last anywhere near as long as it used to. Gone are the days when one joint was more than enough...[​IMG]"

    yeah this has happened to most of the old timers I know - a joint or a few bowls of skunk is a 15-30minute buzz. I only really smoke out of habit now and coz I feel shit when I try to give up. weed is still nice but nothing like when u start
  13. prairiepixie

    prairiepixie Member

    ~*i stopped takin part in the grass a few years ago because i'd get crazy high off just bein in the same room as someone who was stoned ~ i used to smoke/eat it all the time then one day blammo* i have a hard time taking ANYTHING without getting wildly nutso screwed up off it even cough syrup! anyone near me on psychadelics sends me on a trip ~ totally intense * but terribly useful too! i can sniff out a mushroom patch from ten miles away ~ heehee! i believe that your tolerance depends on a whole lot of factors all mushed up into you ~ good luck with your quest to find them!*~
  14. ericf

    ericf Member

    I have a fairly low tolerance. Okay, I smoke half a pinner and I am set. I only smoke two-four times a month now, but it has always been that low. Even when I was smoking several times daily. But the weird thing is that I am an endurance high.

    When I smoke, I will still be euphoric and lightly buzzed hours later. The other night I ate and could still feel it well into the next day. I would be tempted to think this was all psychosomatic but I can see other signs. If I try to smoke within a couple of hours of getting high, one hit and I will be TOO high. Yesterday, I woke up and still felt a little buzzed. And I was a lot more spacy and lazy than I usually am.

    I have always been like this. I would get high and coast on it for hours. While all my friends would want to smoke again and again and again. Eventually I just had to let them know I would hang out but be passing when the bowl came my way.
  15. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    50-100 bowls of dank a day?Really, now...?
  16. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    check it out - you are experiencing the opposite effect of tolerance. this is called sensitization and is perfectly normal and explainable (with some difficulty though).

    i too am undergoing the same phenomenon right these days. i've been getting high for five years now. i used to be just like all my friends - we'd smoke multiple bowls with multiple people and we'd all be good and stoned, right. well, lately, i've been smoking alone and have discovered some interesting occurrences. i am able to pack one third of a bowl and get RIPPED off my ass. in fact, sometimes i cannot even finish it - especially when it's close to a half-bowl, i can get high twice off it. not only that, but i've gotten high daily of these amounts (smoking once per day in the late evening - few hours before bed). i'm not sure how to explain this, but in have some ideas.

    i've noticed that erowid.org says, under the marijuana dose section, that a couple or a few hits should bring the full effects. when i read this a year ago i laughed out loud, remembering the time i smoked 16 bowls and could still get higher. but now i am experiencing exactly what erowid is describing in terms of dosage.

    i think that there are multiple factors involved: first off, of my third-of-a-bowl i do not allow any waste of smoke whatsoever, so the efficiency is maximized. also, i take my hits as deep a possible and hold it for a few seconds. as i exhale, i only do so half way and then inhale fresh air to mix with my already-half-full-of-smoke lungs - this allows more time to absorb thc while still not cutting off the oxygen to your brain. furthermore, i take small hits - hits that are very manageable and EASY to hold in for several seconds. also, i take roughly 20-30 minutes to smoke this tiny amount of pot, instead of tearing through it in a few seconds like what happens when you're smoking with friends. thus, there is a few-minute gap between each hit.

    other important factors: i may get high so easily also because i have somehow conditioned my mind to do so. i don't how this is so, but perhaps it is part placebo - allowing my brain to prepare and expect to get very high and it actually aids in the process. plus, i've made a HALF-eighth last over 2 months, and i've been smoking near-daily, if not daily. perhaps knowing that i have such a small amount helps condition my brain to maximize the effects.

    other things i've noticed: when i smoke according to a set schedule, i get much higher. what i mean by this is that there is a predictable pattern to my marijuana use. i smoke at ROUGHLY the same time each day (around 11pm plus or minus an hour), so my body and mind are preparing and they KNOW that it is coming. when i've broken this schedule and smoked around 5pm, i found that i did not get even close to as high - in fact, i smoked a full half-bowl and still wanted more.

    so, i think there is some degree of mental and physical conditioning involved in the sensitization process. it seems that habitual smoking patterns work in one's favor. perhaps happiness and/or emotional eagerness may positively affect the ability to get high so easily too. one must practice/condition to only need a small dose. you cant go from smoking mutliple bowls a day to only smoking third-bowls a day. i suggest experimenting with it. one more thing i want to point out is that i have tripped several times and each time i notice that pot works more effectively on me - i reliably get visuals and even auditory hallucinations from small amounts of weed.

    ok that's all i can afford to say right now - i need to get back to work, studying for finals.... i just saw this thread and needed to add my epxeriences - i hope something i said are relevant to y'alls experiences. i think the above-all rule is that the mind is extremely powerful and if you will yourself to be high, it is entirely possible to do so. you just have to believe - expect to get high off of nothing, and you will; expect to smoke 5 bowls and you won't get high until you get done with all of 'em.

  17. sag aloo

    sag aloo Member

    "I50-100 bowls of dank a day?Really, now...?"
    I'll do 5-10 bowls around breakfast depending on time
    I live 10minutes from work & probably have 10+ lunch time
    evenings is more or less constant as are my 3 sometimes 4 day weekends
    I guarentee you this is true if u don't believe it fine but there are users this heavy out there. go to any fucking country they grow it for fucks sake. It's very expensive and I am trying to cut down because my lungs have been getting bad the last few years so you can cut the "really now?" shit
  18. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    yea im a lightweight too. i love it cause ill get ripped so easily and be high for hours.
  19. OSF

    OSF SeƱor ******

    Just go read about it.

    Basic principle according to any educated mind:

    The more you smoke the lower your tolerance gets!

    Not joking here people!

    You start off more immune than you ever will be!

    Go look it up if you don't believe me!

    Any real stoner knows that you only need a little pinner to get up there!

    Doesn't matter how embarassed you are about it!
  20. PurpleGel, i find its easier to get really high at night on smaller amounts also. If i smoke at noon i can smoke more and not get as high, come night time i can smoke less and get high. I also find smoking with friends you don't get as high. vbmenu_register("postmenu_93906", true);

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