About to try with a man the first time

Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by dodion, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. dodion

    dodion Member


    I'm 27 (male) and still a virgin - I like girls best, but I've been curious about sex with guys for a long time, and fantasized about bottoming.

    So I decided I'd try having sex with a man, and made a profile on a gay site.
    (it seems like it's so much easier to hook up with guys :) ) So now I found a man, about 40, who think's I'm hot and would like to
    fuck me ... and we arranged to meet soon ... and agreed we're compatible (I'm only passive, we only play it safe, and I'm not into kissing)

    I'm not really interested in any kind of emotional relationship with a man ... it's only the sex I'm interested in ... (I've played with dildos etc. so the actual mechanics of penetration aren't new to me ...)

    I'm also hoping the experience will help sexually mature me and perhaps make me less insecure with girls ...

    ... any advice, thoughts ? Thinks I should keep in mind, beware of etc ?

    I know it's not a real question ... I guess I'm just looking for reassurance..

    Thanks for your help !
  2. *Andy*

    *Andy* Senior Member

    I envy you! Make sure you use a condom and a lot of lube. Don't use oil-based lube as it will break the condom which will result in possible STI transmission.

    Lucky you! Have fun and tell us how it goes :)
  3. SlickyPants

    SlickyPants Member

    Skip the condom if your Subaru needs a new transmission :p

    (just kidding of course)

    I just have one thing to add to Andy's advice. Make sure you can trust him to stop if you say so. You said you're familiar with the mechanics of anal play so you likely know that it can be extremely painful (and potentially dangerous) if you go too quickly.

    Oh yeah, have fun.
  4. *Andy*

    *Andy* Senior Member

    Yeah, I'm sure this guy's friend will know what he's doing. Just tell him to go slow and not be too rough.
  5. dodion

    dodion Member

    Thanks for your replies, andy and slicky,

    So, I finally did it ! ... I guess I'm now officially not a virgin anymore :-D

    he was really nice and down to earth ... and pretty hung too :) ... I'm surprised I wasn't really nervous ... it didn't hurt at all, and we tried several positions. I guess I was lucky, as most other people I've heard says it can hurt the first couple of times ...

    I didn't get overly excited and come right away as I had expected ... quite the opposite, actually ... we were able to keep it up for a while, which was nice.

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