Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by ihmurria, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    I FINALLY got my grades back from last term
    (yes, April was our finals, bu tmy fees were paid off this week)

    I passed everything. Including the class I was worried about. I didn't really do great in anything (crappy term, crappy classes, crappy attitude towards school) but I passed all those mothafuckers
  2. fritz

    fritz Heathen

    WoooHooooo! :sunglasse
  3. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    and now we do the dance of joy!!!!

    HEY hey HEY hey HEY hey HEY!!!
  4. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    *jiggles* <-- does that count as a dance of joy? Or close enough at least?

    I'm just so glad i don't have to take it over again. There's only one prof who teaches it next year and he is sooooooooo dull

    plus I've already made my schedule of courses, having to change one for this class woulda sucked

    and now I can register on the 4th, yaaay!
  5. YankNBurn

    YankNBurn Owner

    way to go girl! Yahoo!
  6. Lodui

    Lodui One Man Orgy

    Right on! I always knew you were the smart one. [​IMG]
  7. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    congrats :)

    should go out for a few drinks :D
  8. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    Mmmmm Canada day weekend

    gonna get seriously fucking drunk
    gotta stock up on beer right away too, oi
  9. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    haha, wicked awesoem :)
  10. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    hey...something just occurred to me. Why'd it take so long? I used to get my grades a week after my finals
  11. Lodui

    Lodui One Man Orgy

    I like how this thread shows up as ellipses from the main menu.
  12. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    student fees weren't paid off in full until last week :( I'm gonna have to get student loans for next year

    I'll start the application process as soon as I get my tax money back (filed late this year, so it isn't in yet)
  13. YankNBurn

    YankNBurn Owner

    Hmm, I just had a thought (rarely happens and is never much good) but now that your sailing along through school does this mean we all have to start thinking of your mind and not just your body?
  14. KozmicBlue

    KozmicBlue Senior Member

    Ohh you go girl!! Congratulations!
  15. hippychickmommy

    hippychickmommy Sugar and Spice


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