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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by marquis_de_odde, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. I had the weirdest nightmare last night, I was in a huge house that was apparently my mom's. Then my mate came out of nowhere,for some reason I was already kind of spooked and felt no better having her there with me. She kept saying really strange things to me and trying to get me alone in one spot. Somehow I figured that she wasn't really my friend but a shapeshifter and she was going to kill me. Then I figured it was a dream and decided I had to kill myself to wake up,I'm not sure where the logic was there but I broke one of the windows and slit my throat with the glass. It took a few attempts,most of the pieces were too dull but I finally found a sharp enough piece. The worst bit is I could feel every second of it,I won't go into detail but it wasn't pleasant. Then I remember freaking out and thinking "What if this isn't a dream,what if I've actually just killed myself?",probably because it was so realistic. I don't know what this could all mean,anyone got any ideas?
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    Hi marquis_de_odde, yes it is an interesting dream, so thank you for sharing and here is a thought as well.

    The dream helped you to confont parts of your own self and release, and find closure so that you may go on healing who you are in full responsibility.

    Sometimes the healing takes all life long yet it takes us to places we never thought were real, asking for nothing but trust. And even if life seems to be too short to scoop out all of it, there are the places where out of a sudden we jump across our own shadows, to find it is all here all the time, and it was only us who did not trust, and did not see. And this is who you are, too, and while you sit in reflection wondering what it was all about and if it made sense, you find it did so very much.

    To die is to change. So even if you might have choosen an unpleasant way it is still about getting aware that you are your own creator even as you create the brokenness, fears and sharpness of pain, and also the hopes and glories all of your own. But beyond all there is forgiveness and this too is who you are, creating the greater scheme of where all your experiences may take you. As where there is brokenness there is the joy of becoming as well and there is wholeness. It is all your choice, and your blessing, too, and great adventure of waking to the greater dream, to be love and forgiveness.

    Just saying thank you for the post.
  3. Thanks for your opinion,it has made me think a bit about the dream on differant levels compared to where I am in my life right now :)

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