A Sweden Chant

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    The Natural Kings

    I drink of this water, sacred and natural. Blessed by the river, blood I do of her. Earth spirits, I cry out its prescence at this moment. Earth! Fire! Air! Water! They make of its being a beautiful paradise. Valkirias, goes! In return I give my life them in combat. Together we will be in the kingdom of skies. There, in the green fields. Where the corn grows with the rain of the goddess. We dance under I haul gray of beautiful clouds. Queen of the water, damages rain. We loved queen to you, we loved to you. I own your Help, with a pearl it of torment. Gentleman of the fire. The flame of your spirit me burning fire. It floods my being of joy. Because we do not have to see your sun? Your chimera descends from the sky. Blessed sun, take us out of the infraworld. We will return to the stop with you, where your flame only lives. In three monoliths of the dawn.

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