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    Hi all,

    I'm Richard, a 20 year old theatre student from Sheffield.
    I had 3 very odd dreams the other night, and I'm at my wits end wondering what they might mean. If anyone else has any thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

    1) I am walking in the countryside; it is hilly, and wooded. It looks like a cross between your average English wood and the Peak District. There are roads, with cars on them, at various levels of the hill. It seems like late summer/early autumn.
    I suddenly become aware that these woods are teeming with rhinos and elephants that are charging around everywhere. I look up the hill and see an elephant, and there is another downhill. I manage to slip through the middle without them noticing, but then a rhino happens across me, and charges at me. I dodge it by jumping to the side several times, then jump behind a tree.

    2) I have gone to work. It is Sainsburys (but not the branch that I work at in real life), and reminds me of a supermarket that I recognise from my childhood. I walk into the warehouse, which is much larger than it should have been, and begin my work. I then find a cardboard box, and casually walk around selecting items that I want and putting them in the box. My other colleagues continue working unawares. I come to another box, and start to pull out yards and yards of strawberry laces, which are blue. Once they are in the box, I place the box under a workbench, then go back to doing my job.

    3) I am on a school trip with my university friends. It definitely feels like a school trip, but we are all our actual age. We are walking on a beautiful summer day, by a clear river. I have an inflatable chair, and I inflate it, set it in the river, sit on it, and begin to float downriver. My friends are all shouting "Richard's floating away!", but they don't sound upset or frightened, they seem happy and excited. We wave goodbye, and I float downstream, having a pleasant time. The theme music from "Rosie and Jim" is playing. I float for a while, then bump against a canal lock, by a pub I remember from being a child. I leave the chair, and walk into the pub. "Rosie and Jim" is playing on the tv. I sit down to a carvery lunch.

    Any thoughts, interpretations, questions, I'm easy. Be lovely to hear from you.

    Cheers :)


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