a really great chocolate pie (easy)

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    5 oz of bittersweet cooking chocolate (not unsweeneed)
    graham cracker crust (if you want to make it yourself you'll need graham cracker crumbs and butter, melt the butter and mix let sit for 7 min)
    1 cup of heavy cream (whipping cream will suffice)
    .5 cup of chocolate-hazelnut spead (like nutella brand)

    you can also add:
    milk or white chocolate melted on top for decoration.

    okay, this is a really easy recipe. first, bring the cream to a boil. then pour ontop of the bittersweet chocolate and whisk until it becomes smooth. then add the chocolate-hazelnut spread into this concauction until it also becomes smooth. this is where you would add the nuts if you want. then pour into the crust and add the decoration by melting the chocolates and use a piping bag for best results (or just put the melted chocolate into a plastic bag and cut a hole).
    let it sit in the freezer for 25 minutes, then pop it into the refridgerator for an hour.

    makes 8-10 servings.
    yum, yum.

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