a really big mindfuck i dont understand, please help.

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by hebrewnational00, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. horse

    horse Member

    i see what ppl are talking about with physics and shit but i mean the whole if u belive 100% thing is pretty cool. id say if it was real then no one can really fly cuz no one belives in it 100%. Everybody has been tought since they were little that impossible things are impossible. you'd have to have been grown up beliving u could fly from day 1. then maybe u could... damn this is a mindfuck
  2. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    That is the intention. To teach people from a very young age that there are limits on what can and cannot be done. That they are small and helpless, when in fact they can do anything. However, it is possible to break away from it later in life, as I gave an example of in my last post. You're not trapped, although it does take some work.
  3. popcorny

    popcorny Member

    I think we need to take a few babies to a remote island and teach them their whole lives that they can do anything and put no limitations on what they can or can't do, in fact don't even mention that to them. All we need to do is teach them how to speak and express how they feel. Now I would like to see the result of that.
  4. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    Those would be some great people.
  5. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    if you are really interested in this, you should read the book "what the bleep do we know" or watch the extended version of the movie. it kind of explains that on a very basic level, because of growing up with all of the laws of physics, we know that we can not fly/ walk on water. even though we think we want to do this or we think we can, it would completely change our thoughts of reality. hallucinating is different because in our head all of the things we are seeing we are expecting to see... maybe
  6. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    LOL i knew this would turn out to b a really big mindfuck!!

    yo i always thought about what if u raised kids to think and grow up in a completely different level...and u made them believe they could fly and shit, and they actually COULD that would b soo awesome...well flyin is a little extreme but maybe mroe basic abnormal stuff:) i think we would end up with some pretty interesting ppl:)
  7. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    How can it be extreme when it's just an illusion? No more extreme than being able to stand on the floor without falling through.
  8. dionne

    dionne Member

    i dont know if they were talking about flying and crap when they said that, but what they're talking about is attitude, and the simple act of knowing something changes our actions that we do subconsciously, I used to work in sales and they used to tell us to get pumped and know we're going to sell before we sell it, and for those who listened they realized that it really does work
  9. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    How do you know what they're talking about? He didn't even say where he read it.

    And of course, attitude is part of it. You manifest what you expect to, as we've been talking about. If you expect to make the sale, you will. But that doesn't discount anything else that I've said.
  10. Maybe you got it all wrong and its not that you need to believe that you can fly but come to the understanding that there is no sky to fly up into, no ground to fall into and no brains to smash on a nonexistent sidewalk.

    There is no spoon...(The Matrix)
    You must unlearn what you have learned. (Master Yoda)
  11. DepTh

    DepTh Member

    none of thisis real! all of you are just in my head this world is all made up!
  12. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    That's because you create your own reality. You can have an effect on your own reality. What you do to yourself, the choices you make, the ingestion of psychoactive plants/chemicals, the situations you land yourself in, etc. You create your own reality. Perception is reality. It doesn't matter whether you are on drugs or not, that's irrelevant. That's great, that you are boasting about taking ten hits of acid and re-living it and re-telling it like it's something we've never experienced ourselves. LSD is more than just images and hallucinations. It's understanding. So, when you see that trees have personified themselves, a person who is really tripping, would be able to distinguish certain distinct character traits of that tree. What was causing the tree to come to life? What was causing the tree to share it's life experience with you? Not the drugs, surely. Because psychedelics tap into the other 90% of our brains. Because we don't use more than 10%, as you've been told... So even if you're sober, you're not seeing everything that's really there. It's takes 100% of the brain... so LSD is only helping you. But you have the ability either way to accept what's real and what isn't. Depends on you. Depends on your thoughts. How powerful is a thought? Depends. It's all on you.
  13. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    It's much more than just Physics. It's Quantum Physics.
  14. Synthesis

    Synthesis Banned

    Well to start off, MOST, of you are looking at this from an extreme 3 dimensioal view. We are swimming in an ocean and all that is being discussed is the fish. What about the birds flying outside of the water?

    So, what you need to know is alot of this "believe will set you free" is a metaphor BUT there is some truth to all of this.

    If you pass a car dealership everyday and see your dream car, if you trully believe you can have that and it's already yours already then, it is yours! I'm not saying a little brain power will make the title to the car magically jump into your back pocket, but if you really believe that car is yours, things in your life will start to change like a butterfly effect and if enough effort is put into the thought process the car WILL fall right into your hands, in a manner of speaking.

    This "mind fuck" of yours is actually very valid. Ppl have got to stop taking EVERYTHING so literally. Ppl speak in symbolizim and metaphors. Saying you can fly if you believe, is not to be literally interpreted. It is symbolic of another meaning. I don't think you've found what that meaning is but your on the right path, so keep looking.

    BTW, I love when someone brings physics into the matter like physics is the governing force of the ENTIRE universe. Not true srry. Physics only comes into play in the 3rd dimension. The dimension most of us live in. Ask yourself this, does physics govern your thoughts? This is only ONE dimension of infinite dimensions. Physics means nothing here unless you are really trying to convince someone they can't 3 dimensionaly fly. I think we all learned we couldn't fly when we jumped off the roof with an umbrella as a kid.

    Don't ever let anyone tell you that something isn't real. This whole world has been taught and enlaved to NOT think outside the little box that a genius created for us thousands of years ago when he accidentally picked the wrong mushroom.

    You ever heard of the spanish inquisition? Well lets bring it to modern times so that it easiest to understand. If the the inquisition was happening here in 2007, anyone who had any ideas other than the bible would be burned at the stake and called a witch. So ppl like me and you were crazy witches who tripped on ergot and mushrooms and knew the truth about the world therefore we were a major threat to the one in power. The ppl who rule this world do everthing we are not supposed to. You think this GENIUS jail system without bars. was created by a few smart men? HA, this whole world as we know it today was concieved while tripping. So if tripping is that powerful and your in power and want to STAY in power what would be the smartest thing for you to do? TELL EVERYONE THERE CRAZY! Make LSD so hard to find but mind NUMBING drugs like benzos, and opiates you can get from a doctor if you ask the right way. Put government controled shrinks (think about why ppl call them shrinks for a min.) all over the world as human listening devices, where you feel safe to tell them all your "crazy ideas" then they get reported to create a statistical chart for "they" to study. Simultaniously, the shrink does his/her job to tell you that all your ideas are fantasy/hallucinations. Watch "the forgotten", good movie.

    EDIT: I forgot to add for those of you who don't know, the inquisition was done by the Catholic Church. Think about it.

    The world that starts to come into focus when on psychedelics is nothing new. When you see the trees dancing and speaking to you in a language that only you and nature understand, your seeing something that has ALWAYS been their. Our primitive, easily manipulated brains have been trained to only see alarm clocks, cable bills, jobs, nascar, taxes, gasoline, 3 dimensions etc. etc. This is all we see, and after a lifetime of it, most ppl are convinced thats ALL that exists.

    In ancient egypt the slaves (us) were woke up with whips and shackled tied with ropes. "They" didn't realize at the time that if you after so much control a revolution is bound to happen. Ppl are not gonna be treated like shit if they know they are being treated like shit. But if you trick them and convince them they are free you will have the ultimate control.

    In present times slavery is so effecient that we don't need chains and whips to move ppl to work. No, they have mind control now. We wake ourselves up lol. We have been tricked into putting an electronic device in our home that around 5:30a.m. says, "WAKE UP, WE NEED MORE TAXES, GET MOVING!" What do we do? We hit the alarm clock because it makes us feel like we are in control, hitting the master so to speak. But ultimatly what happens? We submit to a electronic device and wake up, go to "work".

    If you really think your free just cause you can leave the house then your are trully lost. Think about it. If we don't do exactly what the government says what happens? YOU GO TO JAIL! and you will stay in jail for the rest of your life if they can't tame you. This is a taming proccess to take the wild out of us or in other words the free spirit. If you can visualize it, it's like they're pouring us through a funnel.

    The ppl who submit to the government are tame and their children will most likely be tame as well. So the system is designed to give rewards to the tames ones, like disney land vacations and such. These ppl are allowed to procreate since as said before their children pose no threat to the powers that be. I call these ppl weak and weak ppl is exactly what the powers that be, want the world to be filled with. SO easy to control weak ppl.

    Well ppl who ask questions and say, fuck you! to anyone who tries to tell them what to do, wind up in jail where, lol, you can't procreate! You beginning to see the funnel? Pretty soon all the ppl left that have an ounce of fight in them will die in jail and never have produced more fighters. Meanwhile, all the tame humans will have had 10 kids each and now all your left with is a society of brainless, fightless worker drones. Brilliant system isn't it? The freedom fighter gene is being eliminated from the pool.

    "Work", lol.

    Politics: Poly=many Ticks=blood sucking paracites.

    Back to the topic at hand, quit looking so much at whats in front of you and try to see whats not in your direct line of vision, you follow me?

    One day a human picked the wrong shroom and while recieveing the first human enlightenment told his self, "If I think about it hard enough I can rule this entire planet". Sure enough. He did it.

    So there is your proof. If you can believe you can rule the world, and do it like someone has already proven is possible..... Who has the right to tell you that you can't rule your own mind if you believe you can??????

    Now on the literal side, I do believe in the POSSIBILTY of ANYTHING, like 3 dimensional flying. But this is just a personal belief not a theory. I think it would have to involve joining the 3rd dimension with another dimension creating yet another seperate dimension in which flying, in the literal sense, is definitly possible.

    Physics is the 3rd dimensions ultimate law, but as we all know laws/rules are meant to be, and will eventually be broken in some way shape or form. All this matter that follows physics law is just a large electrical charge at a certain frequency and perceived by us as "matter" anyway. So if you start "tweaking" the frequency a little what will happen????? Ponder.....
  15. Anachronism

    Anachronism Member

    I can walk on water.

    I just have to wait until winter. *wink* :p
  16. aspirine

    aspirine Member

    Re Flying. You can't because as part of a larger consensus reality you have agreed to accept the notion of gravity under certain conditions. So you go splat because you actually want to go splat on a deeper level.
  17. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    Synthesis, i read about you sayin something like "LSD makes us see the truth, and think outside the box and they make that illeagal, and benzos and mind numbing medications are given to us by doctors"

    I kind of agree, but about the LSD makin ppl see the truth. sometimes its not true, sometimes lsd or mushrooms makes them mispercieve the truth thinkin the "lsd" made them see the truth, but actually the lsd twisted theyre head into believe or seeing things they would never actually see, and dont get me wrong, in some cases ppl are on the RIGHT track, but in others ppl are just caught in a loop of believe what the psychadelic world has to offer, and they just get mindfucked over and over again.
    cuz every reality u choose to believe in ultimantly mindfucks you!! nomatter wat u believe, "reality" stares u in the eye sayin "what the fuck am i? where did i come from? why am i here?" and people usually just hide from these questions, which isnt necessirly a bad idea, cuz ppl get lost in these questions, and are found in a world of insanity. LOL idk im just talkin, i really have NO point to make, im just spittin smoe truth and some things i believe in:)

  18. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    and the only person that decides what the truth is, is actually YOU,
    ultimantly u make descisions no matter how much ppl tell you what to do, and how much u get punished, u still believe in what ever you want to and do what ever you want to, so no one could tell you what right or wrong, SHIT if u believe a PIG is a sort of a religious figure and u truly believe that, that pig brings power and fortune to ur family or yourself, lol no one could tell u other wise, u choose to live with that for quite some time, and ppl might say thats bullshit, but if thats what u believe thats whats GOOD in ur life, so fuck what everyone says.

    basicly what im tryin to say is if u have something that makes u happy, and makes u feel good (on ur own expense only!) hold on to it, and fuck ppl that try to take that away from you:) (and im not talkin about drugs, im talkin about true emotions and things in life that make u happy, drugs might b a part of it, but thats not what im AIMing for)

    ALSO people these days fuckin piss me off!!!
    the way ppl are designed to live these days is,
    Buy a whole lot of shit you dont need, get a whole lot of money, just so u feel u have ur hands on somethin that is valuble to everyone in the world almost, it makes u feel better to, so u get a CAR then ur tiered of that car u get another CAR, move to a bigger house, LOL whats the point of all this?!!!:)


    this is what i think, i think ppl are negative and SAD wayyyyy more than they are happy and positive, and as much as ppl TRY, they might act it out, but theres truly not many ppl that are truely HAPPY alot of theyre time, they always get stuck in these thouhts that mislead them into a more unsatisfying Reality, and i say FUCK THAT!!!! listen

    listen listen, this is the point of all this:)
    people have something that makes them happy makes them feel good, like something new, someone they love, etc... they fuckin hold on to it for a certain amount of time, but most of the time they just Pull back from it SOOO fuckin quickly, lookin for somethin else to give them a new feeling of happiness and satisfaction, and A lot of the time, THIS is not Necessarry, People fuckin needa HOLD on to what they LOVE and LIKE and WHAT MAKES THEM HAPPY, PEOPLE JUST HOP FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER LOOKIN FOR ULTIMATE SATISFACTION, when they could just hold on to something they love, and keep reminding themselves why they love this, why the like what ever they like, why it makes them happy, and i believe that people would b WAYYY more happy and positive this way:)

    i hope that made sense, peace!
  19. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    heres an example, u have a girl freind, u love her to death,
    but now uve been with her for 2 years and u start kind of lookin around to see what other girls the world has to offer, and i dont think this is VERY wrong, but it is not necessary, because u already built up these emotions of love and connection with this being, all u need to do is remind ur self why u love this person, and why this person makes u happy, for example "i love her cuz her smile, she always has my back, she will always be there for me, and that makes me happy knowing that someone has that sort of special connection with me" so dont sway away from the emotion of happiness, i mean its all in the head antways, so why not choose b happy all the time, u say its not possible, i say ITS FÜCKIN POSSIBLE!
  20. One reason that you might not be able to fly/walk on water when you're on LSD, just because you believe you can, is because you don't *really* believe you can. Perhaps the collective mind/universe grants power to those who demonstrate that they can wield it wisely. Which takes a great deal of effort, to overcome one's ego, especially when we're all being brainwashed from birth to believe that we're all in competition. Some do achieve some degree of "impossible" enlightenment. Others make an unspoken agreement with themselves not to give it a shot, because they're just too wrapped up in themselves I guess, and so they just say "That's impossible".

    I wouldn't argue that anything is fake. Everything is real. Our perceptions of things are not separate from their inherent being -- it's just a matter of being honest with one's self as to what is being perceived. The universe speaks for itself, in a language that cuts more to the heart than mere words ever could. Colors, for instance, are pure language. Most people don't understand that it is indeed a form of communication, however. A lot of people don't want to believe that emotion is what is really vital. They want to distinguish it from the intellect, but that is just an illusion.

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