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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by dixie_pixy, Apr 16, 2007.

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    I had this dream months ago but somehow it sticks with me so greatly. Here goes:

    I'm driving down the road with my mom and my boyfriend and we are pulling this trailor with some kind of explosive gasoline on it. All of a sudden air planes that have been hijacked are falling from the sky all around us. (I dream of hijacked planes a lot lately. No real relation to 9-11 though!) We are driving through this place that is almost like a mountain. It as high dirt walls that I realistically smell and feel the dampness from the earth. Whoever is driving makes the car start swirving because they are looking at and are scared of the airplanes. I realize the car is going to crash so I get out (somehow... while it's still driving) and run to a nearby tree that I can shield myself from the blast with. The explosives on the back rip the car apart with my mom and boyfriend inside. And I feel the tree on my back and the explosion. I look up and see all these flames around me.
    Later in the dream I'm back in my old highschool talking to my boyfriends parents. I ask if they've heared from him and they say no. I feel really sad but part of me knows that he is alright. Later I see him on crutches.

    This is a very detailed dream that has driven me crazy for months. I can't figure out it's meaning. I never really have dreams that detailed. I honestly could feel the dirt. Any ideas?
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    Hi, here's a bunch of thoughts, well I hope it makes sense.

    It's like the dream took you to these places to vision and tap into some sadness, as well as into change and healing and seeing others change as they too are coming to their own ... and also to understand better those emotions that sometimes might drive you to places you feel like you don't wanna be, and kinda lost.

    And yet it just takes you back to your own sources deeper inside, and the love that is yours, and the power to be true beyond all drama and illusion.

    Sometimes in order to understand the dreams better, we need to realize we are strangers in our own world, be it dreaming or waking ... and even as we walk as strangers, we come to know the greater mystery we are part of that asks us to come from a place of inner truth, and find the inner sanctuary where in the mirrors of the soul we stand and gaze, being strangers coming home.

    Just embrace the experience, and let it help you grow.


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