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    I've written a (somewhat long) poem I wrote about nudity! I got a bit carried away (as usual), so it also touches upon barefooting as well as the spiritual dimension of nudity!

    Some bits might seem a bit offensive to some, but I've found that putting my feelings and internal conflicts into words - sometimes harsh - can be quite therapeutic when dealing with religious guilt! So, here it is! :)

    Clothing and I never really got along,
    with nudity I could see nothing wrong!
    Wearing clothes was never a privilege,
    yet nudity felt almost like sacrilege!

    If only I could go naked to school,
    or skinny dip in any swimming pool!
    I wished to be naked during Liturgy,
    a nude altar boy serving the clergy!

    When I listened to a church sermon
    it felt like being kept in a prison!
    Why did it appear to be a grave sin
    to merely expose my own naked skin?

    Catholic dogma seemed far too strict,
    this notion would lead to a conflict!
    Would I not feel even closer to God
    if I was completely nude and unshod?

    Shall I be naked if I go to paradise,
    or will nudity bring me to my demise?
    Could I ever remain a devout Catholic
    if I dreamed of being naked in public?

    I wanted nudity to be my way of life,
    clothing was only a source of strife!
    Yet how can I reconcile Christianity
    with such a strong desire for nudity?

    In my dreams I experienced a vision,
    a voice told me to leave my religion!
    Do not fret about a heavenly kingdom,
    nudity shall bring you true freedom!

    All respect for my old faith now gone,
    forever I renounced the Crucified one!
    No longer an adherent of Catholicism,
    I shall worship the Gods of Paganism!

    My nude adventure will soon commence
    even if I shall not have an audience!
    I will soon proceed to fully undress,
    my body shall not suffer in darkness!

    My weary feet stood on the hard floor
    as cautiously I opened the front door!
    With great haste I took off my shirt,
    I was pleased to see it hit the dirt!

    If I was to ever achieve naked bliss
    then pants I certainly must dismiss!
    I hastily took off those awful dregs
    and revealed my grateful naked legs!

    For accursed footwear I had no need,
    my soles shall now forever be freed!
    From my feet sandals were discarded,
    my weary toes were finally rewarded!

    After I had pulled off my knee socks
    came the moment I'd bare my buttocks!
    Without underpants I will now frolic,
    I was no longer imprisoned by fabric!

    Footwear will henceforth be rejected,
    with earth shall my feet be connected!
    By shoes were my feet no longer bound,
    bare soles stomped on the wet ground!

    Against all clothing my soul raged,
    my body shall never again be caged!
    No longer will these pants be worn,
    off my legs they shall now be torn!

    Whenever I wore any kind of garment
    to me they only amounted to torment!
    As I took off the last of my chains
    I was instantly rid of all my pains!

    As if I had returned to my childhood,
    I giggled after I exposed my manhood!
    My testicles freely swinging in air,
    the cool wind ruffled my pubic hair!

    Long was my penis hidden from sight,
    it can now proudly display its might!
    My phallus is now free from solitude,
    an erection expressed its gratitude!

    I was a Boy Scout without a uniform,
    a lad in awe of the naked male form!
    No longer will I pretend to be coy,
    I am now naked like a shepherd boy!

    No longer was I wrapped in a shroud,
    never before have I felt this proud!
    I was free from the tyranny of yarn,
    completely naked I'll go to my barn!

    Upon my naked body livestock gazed
    yet my nudity left the cows unfazed!
    My bare feet stepped in fresh dung,
    to my naked soles bits of hay clung!

    I am no longer held down by tethers,
    so I can proudly expose my nethers!
    I'll tread the fields without cover,
    Mother Earth shall become my lover!

    As naked I explored the countryside
    I paraded without anything to hide!
    My nude skin was kissed by the Sun,
    naked across the fields I shall run!

    Dark clouds suddenly started to form,
    I was now stark naked in a rainstorm!
    Maybe rain was a sign of divine grace?
    It brought a grin to my freckled face!

    With rain was my bare chest showered,
    never before had I felt so empowered!
    My naked body received a new baptism,
    I felt eager to fully embrace nudism!

    My naked soles are trampling on crops
    as my thighs are washed by raindrops!
    Down my penis a stream of water flows
    as I march naked between garden rows!

    A naked youth ran across the meadows,
    bringing bemusement to herds of cows!
    My bare feet sank in piles of manure,
    yet never before have I felt so pure!

    Barefoot across farmland I will roam,
    between bare toes oozed squishy loam!
    Naked through the muck I made my way
    as my bare calves were caked in clay!

    Farmland mud soon became a quagmire,
    I trudged through it without attire!
    Bare feet flung squishy mud up high,
    specks of soil now adorned my thigh!

    Rain left my nude body soaking wet,
    as above my blond hair the Sun set!
    Upon me descended a moonlit evening,
    as it suddenly also stopped raining!

    Nudity was an incredible revelation,
    I deemed it worthy of a celebration!
    As I walked naked towards my garden
    the son of Eve has returned to Eden!

    A Heathen ceremony shall begin soon
    as I revel nude under the full Moon!
    My naked body now lit by moonlight,
    in the buff I will dance all night!

    To the Gods I shall make an offering,
    fire will consume all of my clothing!
    Back to my garden I have now returned,
    so that my old clothing may be burned!

    All of creation was now my cathedral,
    here I was to perform a Pagan ritual!
    Finally I knew that nudity was divine,
    my body shall become a Heathen shrine!

    Naked in the garden I shall now play,
    no longer to Jesus will I ever pray!
    In my garden now pranced a nude lad,
    a Heathen rite he celebrated skyclad!

    I will no longer be burdened by shame,
    my apparel shall be consumed by flame!
    I put all of my old clothes on a pile,
    a blaze shall incinerate this textile!

    Naked I will celebrate a Heathen mass,
    as my bare feet are caressed by grass!
    Around the bonfire I started to dance,
    I entered a state of religious trance!

    I was more than just an exhibitionist,
    nudity shall become my new Eucharist!
    Joyfully I worshipped the golden calf,
    a sacrifice I provided on its behalf!

    Clothing is nothing but horrid trash,
    these garments shall all become ash!
    I danced naked around a fiery altar,
    fire reduced these ugly rags to char!

    Into the fire I will now also toss
    an old pendant shaped like a cross!
    Such splendid firewood did it make,
    a crucifix was burned at the stake!

    Naked I celebrated Heathen sacraments,
    this priest had no need for vestments!
    Shamelessly I committed Pagan idolatry
    as I happily indulged in naked revelry!

    As I danced around the glowing ember
    its light shone upon my erect member!
    Mother Nature I worshipped shoeless,
    my bare soles honored a new Goddess!

    I celebrated a rite of renunciation,
    Jesus Christ suffered a humiliation!
    The Horned God celebrated a victory,
    Christianity is resigned to history!

    A naked Phallus has become my savior,
    to Jesus was my erect penis superior!
    My naked body required no redemption,
    between my thighs I found perfection!
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    You should do a spoken version and post up on Youtube.
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    Hey, that's a neat idea! Though, English is not actually my native language! I do speak it quite well, I'd say, but I suppose somebody without an obviously foreign accent would certainly be a much better choice for such a task! ;)

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