A note for people with mental illness.

Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Rebel_1, May 24, 2006.

  1. Rebel_1

    Rebel_1 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    :) All you people out there with mental illness, watch out for certain people that try and warn you against taking your medication, and try too tell you there is no such thing, dont listen too them, they are not doctors. Many people in the world simply dont understand about this stuff. Always see a doctor and follow there advice when it comes to illness like this. :sunglasse
  2. Raving Sultan

    Raving Sultan Banned

    I was hooked on phonics for the longest time. I'm so glad I stopped taking that stuff, my head cleared up and thru will power and good habits my life is so much better.
  3. Rebel_1

    Rebel_1 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Im Glad you found a way that works for you, but the same way does not work for everybody. Each individual is different.
  4. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur

    Yeah you're right, they may not be doctors, but it's a pretty well known fact that anti-depressents and other medications for mental illness can be hardcore shit...

    And to me, my physical health is just as important to me... I won't have my mental health if my pyshical health goes to shit.

    Just because it might help some of the mental problems doesn't mean that it's a good idea to use or try. I say, ALWAYS try to get therapy before trying medication. If therapy doesn't work.... then if medication is your only option left, go for it.

    My opinion is...medication is just a band-aid to put over the problem. It doesn't heal it, it just covers it up, and maybe stops it from becoming infected...

    Medication simply covers the problem up... it doesn't get rid of it. When MOST people go off anti-depressents and the like, they just go right back to being depressed.
  5. Raving Sultan

    Raving Sultan Banned

    smart girl ^^^
  6. lalalamort

    lalalamort Fucked up upstairs

    yes but no

    Only meds as a last resort.......

    I was on SSRI"s ( Lexapro), for 9 months and thw whole experience just make me worse.........ive been off them for 3 months and very very slowly getitng back on my feet

    Meds for mil moderate, anxiety, depression, OCd or wahtever just isnts the way in my experience
  7. Suncatch22

    Suncatch22 Member

    Meds never did anything for me. I tried Prozac, Xoloft, and several anti-anxiety pills during middle school, and none of them really worked. Seriously. So I quit them all.

    I'm still crazy, but that's okay -- I wasn't any less crazy with the extra chemicals.

    That being said, I did know a very very very disturbed man who took lithium, and when he did not he became very very very scary. So yes, if meds work for you -- TAKE THEM! PLEASE!
  8. baloon

    baloon Member

    sorry man but.. meds are VERY far from perfect. My strongest point is that NOONE, absolutely NOONE on this earth can claim they know how the brain works. then how the hell do they want to cure it?????????????????????
  9. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

    It depends on what "mental illness" the person has. Everyone that gets depressed does not need medication. Some people with schizophrenia or severe bipolar, they probably should take their medication.
  10. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    My cousin who has all sorts of mental difficulties, including some sort of chemical imbalance recently went off his meds. He had been living in a half way house, and quit the meds. Within days he was a total mess... called my Dad to let him know that "Jesus" cured him... and then that night was picked up by the cops, whom he attacked because he was scared and didn't know what was going on... also broke a bunch of store-front windows because "Jesus" told him to.

    So... yeah... totally... he should NEVER take his meds... he is sooo much more fun shithouse crazy.
  11. lalalamort

    lalalamort Fucked up upstairs

    read the other posts before you attack people
  12. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    who was attacking? maybe i should go back and add some smiley faces??
  13. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur

    Yeah, I have a chemical imbalance.

    And I do just fine when I make healthy lifestyle changes, like a good healthy amount of exercise. Exercise the number one best thing for people with chemical imbalances...far more safe AND effective than any fucking pill.
  14. fulmah

    fulmah Chaser of Muses

    Exercise is absolutely fantastic for helping with the majority of mental illnesses, like depression. I'm all for the more holistic forms of treatment, but it's no more a cure all than a pill is. To use depression as an example; if you took two hundred people who were depressed, gave half an antidepressant and told the other half to exercise, guess who's going to have a higher quality of life in two months? Depressed people have an incredibly hard time simply getting out of bed, let alone exercising. Pills, on the other hand, are easy. The problem is using them as the only thing in the fight.
    It's unfortunate, but most people simply don't know the different between a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist. They don't know what kind of help is available, and they don't keep in mind that therapists are just like everyone else: some are good, some are bad. If someone seeking help doesn't want to take pills, they should see a psychologist. If they prefer the type of advice usually given in this forum (diet/exercise/meditation/breathing techniques/no meds) then they should see a psychologist specializing in CBT.

  15. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur

    Yes, also don't forget, if you do want to try medication... mixed with therapy, it is usually possible to have a psychologist, and to get anti-depressents and the like prescribed to you through your regular physician.

    I'm not sure what the requirements for that in different areas or with different insurance is, but when I WAS on medication, I did that for a while.

    But I agree with the above... even if medication is helpful for some, medication alone won't solve your problem.
  16. AshtonsMom

    AshtonsMom Banned

    I agree. My wellbutrin xl is the best thing that has ever happened to me, considering i suffer from chronic depression. :D
  17. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur

    Welbutrin...*shivers* that stuff made me feel soooo fucked. I had the most vivid fucking dreams while on that shit.

    Later I found out, I wasn't supposed to be taking it, considering I had an eating disorder then, and before that... it has adverse affects for whatever reason. Stupid psychiatrist I was going to see was actually aware, and treating me for my eating disorder and prescribed it anyway. I hated that psych. She was so terrible. She was one of those people where you ask yourself, "How the hell did she get her career?!"

    She was hyper 24/7, and honestly made me cry because she lacked so much tact. She said all the wrong things, at the wrong time.

    Welbutrin under the right circumstances might be okay, but for me it wasnt. That stuff scares me.
  18. Raving Sultan

    Raving Sultan Banned

    It bothers me to see young pretty girls feeling blue...
  19. AshtonsMom

    AshtonsMom Banned

    wow...I'd stay away from it too if it did all that mess to me. :eek: They tried me on prozac first, but that was a DISASTER. I only got mean as hell and was going around starting fights all the time. I found out an interesting fact while I was on it though: here in my great state, someone who is medicated on prozac cannot go to jail for random acts of "minor" violence or disturbances; instead, the police call someone who can keep an eye on you and watch you, and if that doesn't work, it's off to rehab.
  20. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur

    yeah i had very physical reactions to welbutrin but..I actually got what you described when I was on Zoloft. I was a terror, and I was always angry and screaming and crying. Almost as soon as I was off of it I was back to normal. It was weird.

    I'd say if I absolutely had had had to go back on medication I'd do effexor again. That stuff worked well with me. But I guess it doesn't for everyone.

    And apparently it's one of the most physically safe.

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