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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by ImaPeach, May 28, 2004.

  1. ImaPeach

    ImaPeach Member

    We've all heard every reason under the sun from omnis as to why we should eat meat, but today I heard a new one which definitely had me speechless for a moment. It went as follows:

    "If we don't eat meat then all the animals will become extinct because there will be nobody farming them".

    She then proceeded to stuff her face with bacon and eggs.

    Now i don't usually get preachy at meat-eaters, but boy did this person cop a verbal bashing from me!!
  2. babovic_sonja

    babovic_sonja Member

    LMAO... that's a good one...

    Maybe we should start farming humans and eating their milk and body parts, you know, just so we can be absolutely sure that humans don't become extinct?

    Thanks for brightening up my day :D
  3. ImaPeach

    ImaPeach Member

    'twas my pleasure :)
  4. Summertime

    Summertime Member

    Hehehe, that's creepy, I heard that yesterday too and the guy told me he "had the best anti-veggie argument ever" I just responded with "have you heard of elephants?" and proceeded to list many animals that manage to breed just fine without human interference!

    Summer. xx.
  5. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    if that original argument is true, then who the *%&$%^& is eating the flies, fleas, ticks and cockroaches?!?!?
    they are everywhere, no extinction looming here, boss.

    seriously, have you seen a raised for meat turkey? Humans have bred in such a large breast (I guess farmers have breast fetishes) that they cannot reproduce without AI (artificial insemination). Now, everyone who wants to work in jacking off turkeys raise your hand.
    However, this is not what a turkey was in 1700. Or 1900.
    So, the "logical" comeback would be 'we bred turkeys to an unnatural size and yes, without breeders, they could not reproduce, however most other animals will be fine without inteference.'

    the fun comeback, to me, would be the bug remark.

    Basically, people will pop the arguments off to get a rise out of you. It's schoolyard teasing.
    Let it slide, and don't comeback unless you sense the person WANTS to hear about veg*ism.
  6. Megara

    Megara Banned

    you havent seen fear factor have you?
  7. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    Absolutly Didge, my thoughts exactly.

    I have a new argument too. This came from my Dad last Sunday morning. He was eating breakfast and I'd come down having just got up (this was about half nine).
    Dad: Oh you're up. You know if you weren't a veggie you'd be able to get up early because you wouldn't need as much sleep.
    Me: *totally baffled into silence*

    The more I thought about it the more utterly stupid it was. Said father, a most devout omni, loves a lie in just as much as me. And I was like that pre veggie too. So that's definetly a WTF.


  8. peacegal

    peacegal Member

    What I find most humorous is that many of the people who fear the extinction of cows and pigs will, in the next breath, claim that we have to eat meat or cows and pigs will take over the earth.
  9. oh, me too. it's such a ridiculous argument, yet people are so sincere when they make it...

    Another great one was made by the grandma character from the TV Show "The Royale Family"(who is eeirily similar to my own grandma..) Anyway, she tells the vego - oh, you poor thing, having vegetrianism, it's such a shame for you dear, couldn't you have just a wafer thin slice of ham... I laughed till I cried in that episode.
  10. scrap_rat

    scrap_rat Member

    Didge is right. Many breeds of European cattle and sheep are extinct. Comercial meat production has never been about preservation. And you would think no one had ever heard of petting zoo!

    The arguement I hear frequent is how vegetarians contribute to killing plants. The big problem is even if you could prove a vegetarian diet is morally unethical (which I find highly unlikely) it doesn't make a meat based diet acceptable, or invalidate the observation that meat production is cruel and inhumane.

    It is flawed logic. It's like saying because Hitler was bad, Stalin wasn't. Just don't work.

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