A moral question.

Discussion in 'Ethics' started by Occam, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    If 2 lovers decide to spray their brains with Glock20's at the moment of orgasm.
    Who is to say they where moraly 'wrong'.
    And how shall they be punnished if they were.?

    By GOD?
    Yes. god...thats why god exists. to punnish those WE CANNOT.
    For 'OUR' prejudice.

  2. nitemarehippygirl

    nitemarehippygirl Senior Member

    yes, and the promise of morality's revenge consoles.

    on another note,
    if god did proclaim goodness to be certain somethings...
    what makes god's morals right?-
    god: this is goodness.
    human: why?
    god: because god said so.
    -doesn't make any sense. why does rightness necessarily come with total power?
  3. Yea. and What about when a guy rips the leg off a nun and canabilizes it out of shear hunger and desparation. Would that be considered bad manners? Would it mater to a budist monk in tibet? Probably not, but Lemme tellya somethin. -I just saved alot of money on my car insurance :) !
  4. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    Hippy Girl

    This is why occam posts here.
    Some may be, like U
    Asking the same questions.

    Occam can see no possible reason why total power could bestow moral correctness.
    There is no connection as far as occam can see.

    Just as governments are. Who we send our children to die for.
    In wars of 'Nations' and 'ideals'
    When 'ideal'...means...'no war'
    And nations are just excuses for stupidity.

    Occam feels sick to the stomach.

  5. Hikaru Zero

    Hikaru Zero Sylvan Paladin


    Anyhow, I agree with all that Occam has said. Especially the part relating the morality of God to the morality of worldly nations. =)
  6. CSP101

    CSP101 Member

    CSP101 likes how occam refers to himself in the third person!
  7. Mirakel

    Mirakel Member

    um, god doesn't "punish" anyone. heck, if those two people enjoyed that then fine, but i'd say they screwed themselves over enough. kill yourself in one orgasm, never live to feel a hundred more.
  8. mati

    mati Member

    nothing by nature is morally wrong or right. It is only through the conventions of society that a sense of approbation or disapproval is developed. Do people who commit suicide think of their family and what impact their actions will have on them? Where is their humanity?

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