A moment renewed

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Phoenix, May 17, 2004.

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    As I see the pain I’ve carried thus far
    Packed neatly into bags all around me,

    There stands before me a choice.
    Shall I take them with me for one more trip?

    They seem so familiar, these garments of misery
    The material worn into comfortable smoothness
    From all the years of wear.
    And what will clothe me if I leave them behind?

    What will shield me from the harsh climate of the world?
    To be reborn in every moment, with nothing of the past
    Is a freedom both exciting and frightening.
    The call of liberation brings tidings of peace,

    Inviting me, seducing me, inspiring me.
    Can it be so simple, to set it all aside?
    A moment renewed and fresh, awaiting to be chosen
    As I stand on the precipice of heaven and hell.
    My thoughts linger, but in my heart I know
    There is no other way.

    Love and Peace,
    Julie (Phoenix)

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    fear not. fresh pains await to delight us.

    much love :)

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