A man in front of me

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by AlawlessLulu69420, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. i think about you when the time comes

    i think about you when i know i cant
    theres a man standing in front of me
    he loves me just as much
    i hate to hurt
    but my head wont give you up
    youve become apart of me
    almost whole
    its a shame that i have to throw it away
    if you came to me
    id want you to stay
    awake with me to the morning light
    theres a man in front of me
    each day you put a smile on my face
    i live in my own skin with you
    its not too good to be true
    i dont know where id be
    without you here with me
    you're the beat and hes the heart
    you dont understand
    im torn apart
    Theres a man in front of me

  2. Malapascua

    Malapascua Member

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.......​
  3. Old Hippy

    Old Hippy Member

    Torn between two lovers.
    It's beautiful!

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