A Liverpool legend fell asleep

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by morrow, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Ken Dodd, the Liverpool comedian, and singer, died yesterday, at home in Liverpool aged 90..
    He married his partner of 40 years on Friday, and died yesterday on mother's day.
    Some say he was the last of his kind.. very very funny man..

    Goodnight Sir Ken..


    Ricky Tomlinson pays tribute to his friend Sir Ken Dodd


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    Continued to regularly perform - and long were the shows !
    My mother say him last year - still maintained the old catch phrase "It's nice to have a captive audience - I know you are because I've told the Manager to lock the doors"
    "Tears on Earth, - Happiness in Heaven" I guess
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  3. Am i reading that right? He died two days after getting married?
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  4. wilsjane

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    That is correct, no doubt he knew that his days were numbered following a serious chest infection and his serious heart problems and saw it as a gesture to his love of the last 40 years.
    Perhaps he also wanted to leave us with one final thing to laugh about. His comedy will never die.
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  5. He is dead and people liked him, so we can only put a positive spin on it.

    But seriously, i can not see a way it doesnt sound like selfish douchebaggery.

    40 years? And he only ends up marrying her on her death bed so he goes out a good guy?

    Why the f didnt her marry her 30 years ago?, 10 years ago even.

    Sounds very douchey to me
  6. wilsjane

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    I suppose that's the entertainment industry for you.
    During the 40 years that they were together, their was never a whiff of scandal, which is quite rare for major stars of the period. They also tried for children for many years. Perhaps if that had been successful. they would have married earlier.
    I have come across plenty of douche bags in the film industry over the years, but I would not put Ken Dodd among them.
    I don't know how much you know about him, but 'The Ken Dodd Show' was a staple part of Saurday night television in my younger days.

  7. Yeah well, in the 80s I though both Rolf Harris and Bill Cosby seemed to be good guys

    You never know, especially judging just from their stage persona

    Not saying Ken Dodd is the same kind of guy as those two, but not marrying this woman still is a bit of a red flag, something doesnt add up
  8. morrow

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    I had a great Aunt.. and uncle.. they were together for like years and years!! They married with no fuss and she died weeks later.. it's probably for tax pension and property reasons, to stop the government reaping the assets..
    I think if they wanted to, they could have.. they just didn't see the need..
    It's true, only thing Ken Dodd ever did, was not pay his taxes.. and wouldn't we all like to do that.. but the judge said pay up, and he did.. top guy! Spent his life making people laugh!
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  9. I think I'd always assume if HE wanted to , HE could have, HE just didnt see the need

    Just cos your aunt went along with it if anyone asked, doesnt mean she didnt always want to
  10. morrow

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    Well no, she didn't want to.. it was financial.. she had married very young in life, husband died, she was as far as she was concerned, still married. Lovely lady.. but! Life is strange..
  11. trashed

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    That's funny. :laughing:

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    Sadly the way the law is, there have been cases when the 'live-in lover' has lost out on investments, inheritance and even out of a home - this is compounded by the fact that (especially relevant in older) women, did not have a constant working life - and thereby short on National Insurance and pension payments - there is a degree of protection for this kind of thing with a "marriage certificate" - to which is somewhat of unnecessary requirement
    - To many, the binding of souls is a personal choice of the (two) souls (piece of paper not needed) - a parting necessity - for a loved one
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