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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by theleprechuan, Jan 17, 2005.

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    okay i have stupid question, so i thought the best people to ask would be fellow women. where exactly is the entrance to my vagina, is it the one in between the two "lips", or is it the one right below those "lips"? lol i'm alittle confused
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    Well every woman's genitals look slightly different, so I couldn't give you a road map, but there are plenty of illustratrations of the female genitals online just waiting to be googled. Just watch out for all the porn =P

    But the best way to find it is to take the tour yourself. Get your hand down there and play around a bit. I promise you that you'll know what's NOT the vagina immeadeatly. The urethra would be impossible to enter, and you would know if you reached your colon. Best explanation I can give you is it's in the middle, and on most women is hidden away by your inner labia.

    Feel around, take it slow, and you wont hurt yourself. But it is definitely good for a woman to know her own geography!
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    www.clitical.com has some really good diagram and female masturbation info (without being aimed at men at all). I've found it to be a really good resource, which is why I've been recommending it lately, heh. Not that this site ain't grand, but they also have the diagrams, articles, etc.
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    Once upon a time..... the end

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