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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by madeastoner, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. madeastoner

    madeastoner Member

    I wrote this to the girl I care for, don't know if I'm going to give it to her or not, but supposedly putting your thoughts on paper helps out :confused:

    Dear (her name),

    We have known eachother for a good 3-4 years now, and I have enjoyed getting to know you.
    I am writing you this letter to express how I feel about you, as I think I owe it to you to let you
    know that there is alot of people in the world who care about you and I'm one of them.
    I know that you are no stranger to guys liking you, as you are not only a very beautiful girl,
    but intelligent, and possessing a wonderful personality. I understand that you are currently
    in a relationship, and I do not want to pressure you, or cause you grief, but I feel I must let
    you know that I genuinely care about you, and I would like to be able to spend time with you
    and get to know you better.

    I have had feelings for you for quite a while, but until now I haven't been courageous
    enough to let you know about them, nor perhaps emotionally ready enough for a real relationship.
    I have had some difficult things going on in my home life for the past year or two,
    and it troubled me and made me somewhat introversive, and it has made it difficult for me to
    take a chance and take the risk of rejection. However, I feel I've reached a point where I'm at
    peace with myself and my emotions enough to realise that life is too short not to be spending
    with the ones you care for, and be mature enough to be able to be the counterpart in a relation-

    You have your own life and must make your own choices, as must I, and I respect whatever you
    chose. I only want you to do what you feel is right for yourself, and what would truly make you
    happiest. I don't know much about your current relationship, but I respect that you might want
    to stay with this guy, if he truly makes you happy.

    I know this may seem weird coming from me, as I haven't been the most open or straight forward
    guy, but that was my problem, and I'm now trying to overcome it, though it may be too late.

    So to sum it all up, I like you very much, and regardless of what happens you will always
    hold a special place in my heart, as a person, as (her name), and hopefully more, if you wish.
    (my name)
  2. metaphysica

    metaphysica Member

    thoughts on paper really does help out our own thinking about things

    how long has she been in her current relationship?
  3. madeastoner

    madeastoner Member

    Not very long, a week or two at the most.
  4. metaphysica

    metaphysica Member

    ultimately its up to you
    seems like a nice letter, but you may need to tell it to her face...either way you will need to really feel like its right to do it. especially because she is in a relationship, no matter how long. she may not have dated you because she wants to be friend a good friend. if you tell her it may make your current friendly relationship with her not so friendly (depending on how she is anyway).

    does she talk to you about her current relationship?

    i have many letters that have gone unsent
  5. madeastoner

    madeastoner Member

    Well I have the number for her new cell now, which not many people have, and she dropped a hint that she'd like it if I got her something for valentines day, like those little heart candies. I'm thinking about hand crafting her something out of wood, writing a card and getting her some of those candies for valentines day, and if possibly take her some place but its still a ways off and everything so I'm not going to plan anything for sure just yet.

    Also, shes not said anything to me about her going out with anyone, I found out from her brother.

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