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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by torz, May 11, 2004.

  1. torz

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    on sunday me & my b/f went for tea at a local pub a mile or so from our house, we go there quite often as its such a lovely place, its a converted farm on the river & canal side. its right in the country & you have to go down a few country lanes to get to it

    after we finished our meal my b/f (dave) wanted to go for a walk up the lane so we started walking and after about 5 minutes walking up i started to hear music. i asked if there were any houses up there (i'd never been up the lane but dave has many times) which he said there wasnt. then he started telling me about the hippy camp which he's never told me about, (apparently he was scared to tell me cus he though i might go & live with them). it is so cool, i knew people still live like that but i didnt think there would be any places so close.

    anyway, we walked past the camp & i was ever so curious, i could see caravans & large buses some of them spray painted, i could see a veg patch with various veg growing. there were children playing & they had some dogs. there must have been about 7 or 8 different familys there all living together fending for themselves everything been provided by the surounding land.

    yeah, so we decided to walk up this small path up through a woodland area, it was quite steap & went right to the top of this hill where we sat looking over the hippy camp. we sat there for ages with me babling about how i would love to live in a comume or camp like that, not having to work for money but having to work the land for food & all work together as a family.

    well, one of the hippies from the camp must have been listning to us because two people came from the bushes behind us and asked us if we wanted to join them for a cup of tea and a smoke. i said yes straight away (all my life i've been waiting to meet people that are so intune with who i am & what i believe. i dont think dave was as enthusiastic.

    i've never met anyone that is so similar to myself ever. they were all ever so welcoming & we sat & chatted for ages on new age hippies, the war in iraq, the protests they've been involved in and lodes more. they told me how they cant believe how someone like me who is so down to earth & free spirited survives in the 'material world', i had to tell them that there are many 1000's of people in the world that consider themselves hippies & most of us chat through the internet.

    they we all very kind & when we had to go they all blessed us and asked us to come back anytime we feel as they enjoyed our company & our views. i cant wait to go back & chat again, i think i've found a group of people who truley understand me (not that many of you dont on here but i only see a computer screen not real physical interaction) and we are both going to join them on the peace marchs in the summer.
  2. Xiola

    Xiola One Lonely Seagull

    That sounds a lovely place! Where about is it?
  3. sonik

    sonik Member

    The light green, blue and yellow texts are a bit difficult to read....

  4. Harvest*mama

    Harvest*mama Member

    sounds neat!~

  5. I want to go. I would love to live in a commune with people similar to me. It sounds so wonderful.
  6. whispera

    whispera Member

    Was this camp called Nine ladies? Was it a quarry site with a caravan suspended fifty feet in the air? I currently live in a camp like this and it is AMAZING! The one i live in is called Bilston Glen anti bypass protest site and is just outside edinburgh(forty minutes on the bus). The people and the atmosphere there is fantastic and everyone is freindly because you are all there for the same reason. Since living there i have been happier than i have been in years and i would recommend this way of living to everyone. Food is free because we get it from skips. This might be a bit hard to grasp at first but shops have to throw out food a few days before the best before so we get it from the skips when its thrown out so food is good, plentiful and free! Living there is free you just have to build your own house and there are plenty of willing hands to help out and teach you how to do this. I live in a treehouse there maybe fifty or sixty feet off the ground, i wake up every morning hearing the river bellow and seeing shadows of leaves on the roof and the sun streaming through the windows, i then go down to the communal to find a fire allready started and lots of freindly faces offering a hot drink or some breakfast. There are sites like this all over Britain, if anyone wanted to find out more then you should visit the road alert website.

  7. ralphmcd

    ralphmcd Member

    I've been searching for some chat about bilston for some time and eventualy found this site. The thing is I've met quite a few folk from bilston on my travells and they usually seem to be a bit too scrambled for my liking. It's not that I have anything against drugs but when people start taking class a's infront of their children then I think things have gone too far. I'd be interested about what all your veiws are on the subject.
  8. colloquialone

    colloquialone Member

    Yes it sounds dreamy, living without giving one damn inch to the establishment. But I agree with some others, drugs are not for children. Would you give a five year old a martini? Likely not, so why do all that drugging right in front of them? I like to smoke weed but never around my kids. I wish I could find a place here in Georgia like that. Too many conservatives here all praying to have the huge corncob up their ass removed by some miracle. Henry David Thoreau shunned society and wasn't he like the first anti establishment person? He did it by himself though not with a group of like minded people.
  9. Midget

    Midget Senior Member

    ^^^ H.D.T. rocks! Anyway--this place sounds really interesting.
  10. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    that sounds awwwwesome. i so wanna live on one of those, one day. :D
  11. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    i so just had this conversation with my best friend on the bus this morning, and described exactly something like that as a place i'd love to live and raise my babies. i would lalalalooooooove to live somewhere like thaaaaaaat *whines* i hate livin here!
  12. IndigoSheep

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    I live at Bilston. And it's changed a lot from the old days. We are no longer a bunch of wasted krusties but an open and very organised community. Sure, some people take drugs, we're hippies, but not infront of children, and not every day, we have to party sometimes though huh? Bilston is open to anyone who is willing to pull their weight and have the heart for the cause. We constantly need help with building, collecting wood, water, cooking, collecting food. We also need donations of money, rope, building materials and anything else you can spare.

  13. peace_sells

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    hey I live like... 2 mins from that man!! I think the protest will be coming to an end soon though.. things are being dealt with. They're actually protesting against the quarry starting work again because it's too near to the nine ladies (nine rocks in a circle, is special to the pagans, and the druids etc, there are a lot living there now) and also because of the country side being ruined. I would be up there living now if it was not for school! I haven't got the right resources to live up there to complete my alevels successfully, but as soon as I've finished I will be off to fight the war too! I can't believe you've heard of it in such a little place like this! The people there are AWESOME! I totally agree! It's a hippy haven! and the mystery of the caravan.... woooooo... we'll never know how it got up there ;D

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