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    The must (or suppose, or definite, or necessary) needs be natural of, and do natural by, you and us, and the must greeds be supernatural of and do supernatural by you and us, applies likewise as following:

    1. Things that be how necessary to do are things that are how definite to do.

    2. Things that be how definite to do are things that are how suppose to do.

    3. Things that be how suppose to do are things that are how must to do.

    And these basic things, naturally speaking unto supernaturally speaking, be you like guru to do like student:

    Be small, do small-like.
    Be great, do greatly.
    Be poor, do poorly.
    Be rich, do richly.
    Be free, do freely
    Be bond, do bondly.


    Have you students learned?


    Need is of and by the natural arousal in hunger and/or thirst. Greed is of and by the supernatural excessiveness in want and/or desire. Every true person shall experience and witness two needs (hunger and thirst, by necessary natural arousals) and two greeds (want and desire, by necessary supernatural excessiveness).
  2. War John

    War John Member

    A Guru Also Taught This:

    There ever once was four contradictive (paradoxes, trollings, forgetfulnesses, commonly really and truely unnecessicarinesses) resemblences:

    1. contradiction
    2. hypocrisy
    3. catch 22
    4. double standard

    These each if persons could go from friend to enemy or enemy to friend, but still be foe.

    And also there ever once was four extra unstable (nothings, reasonlessnesses, trippings, commonly really and truely unnecessicarinesses) resemblences, with those others listed above:

    1. schizophrenia
    2. bipolar
    3. psychopathic
    4. sociopathic

    These each, if persons, could turn from friend to enemy, and with no return, but with worsening, because of their additional problem in their mental and/or emotion or because of their subtractive problem in mental and/or emotion.

    But the good news is, none of these of both lists clearly or technically, surely or certainly, truely or really exist, except in art, entertainment, and craft which can make for good material.

    The one reason beings like such can not come into actually existing, is because what or who they would be and could be can only defeat their own purpose of them even having so much as a start to exist.

    Both lists are of the same one (unknown) other (different person so ify) in commonly really and truely unnecessicarinesses. And these references were like very bad, excessively cruel and unusual punishing-type relatives, abstractly, or, very mean, excessively tormenting-type and torturing-type aliens, concretely.


    We nicely on the other hand, are like concretely relatives and abstractly aliens, because we are of similarity and diversity amongst us who are just so not same one (known soul) other (different (person so even though)).

    When we choose to go by seed, as for the results we are from when once the contradictive and unstable went away, we are like seeded results by very mean aliens that finally died to our favor. When we choose to go by birth, as for the result we are from when once the contradictive and unstable went away, we are like birthed results by very bad relatives that finally died to our favor.

    Has the student learned even more?
  3. War John

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    Who (Hoo) and Whom (Hoom) and what in any and all, darknesses, heavinesses, and thickinesses; extremely & comfortablely, 'boy & girl and plus girl & girl' fetishes and plus extremely & comfortablely, 'boy & girl and plus girl & girl' sexualities, comes firstly, evenly, and lastly, sums as:

    -A Student Former A Guru


    These victims that water (are taking on forms from shapelessness): Its no longer calling these blacklists (its wicked no longer leading these blacklists):

    -A Latter Shot-Caller And Latter Club Member

    Know it good:

    -The Finite sum up (like? toward the front and the top), and The Infinite describe (like? toward the back and the bottom). Example: Each carnal body part about a person does sum up per carnal body whole also about that person. Each carnal body whole about a person does describe per carnal body part also about this person.

    Understand it good:

    -Symbolicals & Wordings are short or long summaries.

    -Detailings & Definings are brief or lengthy descriptions.

    -All three fours are each other's and one another's powerful prescriptions, to function excellently, and be aware complete wellness, and be alert how have to finish off sicknesses, and make (bust, create, and force) for "the" total treatment plan with the total, prevention and emergency crisis plans.

    -A Hoilier Brail-ist
  4. Chodpa

    Chodpa -=Chop_Chop=-

    i could tell it was bullshit because of the grammatical phrasing

    truth which can be used needs to be able to fit into a spoon
  5. MeatyMushroom

    MeatyMushroom Juggle Tings Proppuh

    It's preferred for sure, but to be honest this is the most sense John's ever made to me.

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