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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by bigmyq, Jan 24, 2005.

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    This will by our (my wife and I) second trip to Amsterdam, but this time under much different circumstances.

    First question - what time do the coffeeshops open usually?

    Second - how long is the train ride from Schipol Airport to Centraal Station? On our way back through Europe, we have a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam and we want to hop over to the city and smoke a bit before we have to get on another plane to the states. Does this sound feasable???

    Lastly, We're thinking about staying in a Hotel called 'Citadel'. Anyone heard of it? Any suggestions? We'll be there for Queens day weekend at first.

    Thanks guys in advance.
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    Hey! Ok, from the airport to central station is only like 15 min's. Not a bad ride at all! You will have enought time to at least catch a buzz!

    As for what time the coffee shops open, well, they open early.....maybe 8am. I guess i never went before 9 am because I was always passed out from the night before.
    Good luck!
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    If your looking for the earliest opening coffee shop then try
    Barneys (7am).
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    Five hours should be enough, barring any missteps!

    First you have to consider that it's gonna take at least 20 minutes from the time you get off your plane till you get to trains. It took me that long and I was practically running. Then you gotta get a ticket which can be a lil confusing if you've never done it. Then it's gonna take at least 20 minutes to get to Centraal Station (train takes at least 15 minutes and you might have to wait a few). Then it's gonna take at least 20 minutes to get from the train to the coffee shop of your choice. If you have to go back through security it could take an hour or more, so that gives you about two hours to chill.

    The best and easiest coffeeshop IMO is Rastababy. Just take a right out of the station and walk five minutes till the road goes around to the left and crosses a canal and comes to the main street parallel with the station. Rasta baby should be right there. They open at 9. It's especially great if you like reggae.
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    There's a church directly across (and to the left) of the station. If you go left of the church and around the corner, there should be a coffeeshop called the Central. Or you could just walk a few more blocks until you hit the RLD and there should be several in the area.

    Even with getting out of the airport, train rides, and checking back in at the airport, you should still have enough time to get your buzz on and maybe a drink.

    Might I suggest the space cake? Or any ganja foods you might come across. Eating it takes longer to kick in, but ultimately lasts longer and is usually a stronger high.

    Or just smoke the White Widow.
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    That would be the Saint Nicholaskerk [yes,santa's church] built in the 1890s. In reality, Saint Nicholas of Myra was the Patron Saint of seaferers who happened to enjoy giving people gifts when they were not expecting it. Also,the coffeeshop Central is the closest shop to central station. It generally opens at 7:00 am on most mornings and displays its many,many choices in a large wooden box for your examination. The quality of there products is very good. But a notch or two below the best shops. But the owners are generally very polite and friendly. And in four days I will visit them again..:)

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