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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by spacecowboy333, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. So, my girlfriend and I got some green superman ecstasy, but it doesn't look like other superman ecstasy I've seen: it has the triangle thing, but no "S" in it. do you think this is a problem? Also, I've heard that this type has a lot of meth in it...how will that affect the roll?

    Does anyone know what smack is? I've heard it's in a lot of X, and some people have told me it's another name for meth.

    Also, does anyone know how anti depressants and ecstasy interact?

    And, one more question: is there anything other than orange juice that keeps the roll going strong?
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    If it does have meth in it, it will feel much more stimulating and the effects of the meth will be felt long after the MDMA has worn off.
    Smack is heroin, it is extremely unlikely it will be in your pill.

    Depending on what the type of anti-depreesant you take it could negate the effects of the MDMA or cause a potentially fatal condition known as serotonin syndrome. Do not take MDMA while on anti-depressants, especially MAOIs.

    Orange juice has no such effect, you have been misinformed.
  3. Thanks for responding!
    I am currently on anti-depressants, but I'm wondering if it's the physical makeup of the pill, or the psychological effects that could be dangerous? If I don't take my antidepressant for a few days before and a couple after, do you think it'll be okay?
    Yeah, somebody told me that the vitamin C in orange juice helps keep the roll up, and I've drunk orange juice till I'm sick and didn't notice any results...damn...is there anything else that could have this affect?
  4. abrad84

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    What type of AD are you taking? SSRIs basically work on the same receptors as MDMA thus leaving no room for the MDMA to work. MAOIs prevent the breakdown of serotonin, while ecstasy causes the release of serotonin. This leads to an overload of serotonin which is very serious. I wouldn't advise stopping your anti-depressant as this can in some cases lead to withdrawel type symptoms. I know this isn't what you want to hear but I would recommend not taking MDMA until you no longer need ADs.
  5. Well, I'm taking Wellbutrin XL. It's a different kind of anti depressant-it's not an MAOI or SSRI. It affects dopamine, not serotonin. I'm guessing this should make it a bit safer...?
  7. I hear Wellbutrin causes overdoses even in the dose given to you by your doctor/prescriber. So I'd say don't fuck with this shit if you're taking that..

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