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Discussion in 'Music' started by phillyrp314, May 12, 2004.

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    Here's a few links to a couple of Ekoostik Hookah videos from 3-6-04, Newport Music Hall. Best viewed using broadband connections. If you have a slow connection, I would suggest saving the video to file before trying to view.


    These clips are the creations of China & Kevin of Yurple Bliss, two cool folks who do alot of taping and video work. It's obviously implied that these are for viewing only and not to be used for any commercial use. I just thought if anyone's interested or curious about Ekoostik Hookah, here are two small examples :)

    [whoops. just noticed lizm also posted these in the events section. guess that just means a few more links :)]
  2. lizm

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  3. Rar1013

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    awesome! thanx guys
  4. schwahead

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    hey wondering if any one would happen to know of anybody that would copy me some live hookah shows if i sent them some blank cds and everything for shipping
  5. hey i have almost everylive hookah show that there is.. if you want to i cant get you some but can you get me some of another band like phish or anything like that? And we will do a little trade off?>

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