A Cultist's Supreme Bowl

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    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    A net bowl.
    Be by.
    By Bowl.

    ^^Learn what such appear like. A single net appears to have many bowls (deep grooves), but actually since together it's just a single bowl.

    During a WHITE field is the season for a new-to-see sickle which thrust be-er by.

    "They heard the stories... Now they wanna really see".--Makavali

    Peep how we drop from green to grey and pluck holes in knowers like donuts.

    Started in clouds in how clouds been signing images in some things. So shall clouds turn into something real out the clear blue. When clouds turn what should be coming just in images only into alternative objects, just which is afraid of the skyies then? Take truth from me, clouds are a moving net over the globe. A cloud makes for a cast of moisture till the Day its truth reveal. Find where on earth is no cloud, and you find that place unliveable.

    Any question?

    "whose garment was white as snow"??? Any cloud which turn is no longer white as snow.

    "I saw in the night visions"??? In night it is clouds those visions, but when no longer see them as clouds one no longer see just vision but rather things actualizing outside visions.

    "...and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him"??? No longer come with the clouds of the sky, means one like is one outside visions or myths or fictions. Such one come with change-a-roo type clouds. No longer come to, means rather is the Ancient of days--Get it? Of days is what clouds been of. So they = former clouds no longer bringing themselves (rather itself since a net) near before themselves (rather itself). Instead of near before revealing, they shall reveal. Note how things enter focus one way then come back into focus another way when you watch. It is what you eye which twinkles as in alters, specially when in mind's remember process which is a reprocess so that indeed it aint the same way you first seen it with an eyeing. And you know even while you eye, the object of focus you see not, but you see moving light rather. Light itself is as clouds even.

    "Hitherto is the end of the matter".??? End of white cloud matter.

    "As for me Sign Related, my cogitations much troubled me, and my countenance changed in me: but I kept the matter in my heart."??? Cogitations much no longer trouble me, rather. Countenance (GREY or SCARINESS) no longer change in me, rather. My scary aspect is coming out like a monster which lives under the bed lil kids are afraid of at night. My sleeper scare is better AT night than during night. Which side of night is AT, you should ask. Can be the whole side outside night from one end to another. Sure I no longer keep the matter in my heart when rather in my mind is changing white clouds my military matter I PUBLICALLY SAY materializing into much more than image figures.

    I'm my military mind, knower Satan infiltrater.--Makaveli part 2.

    ^^Cloud 9. Wait till you see rather military mind turn from clouds.

    The mind is the greater weapon, especially when it transforms objects into hardcore, cutting-edge military objects reserved for a DAY. You haven't seen Satan's toys yet.

    You know Satan is the truer cult classic Cultist on earth, how Satan's kind point strongly to Satan and Satan's Day and Satan's Matters below Satan's Authentic Chosen, Priority Individuality.

    Remember that hidden Godsmack track "One Rainy Day". You know how you do point to stuff you say you saving for a rainy day? In the background of the track when it come on you hear it raining, but you know it takes clouds for rain. But notice it's one rainy day rather than said one rainy cloud. Ha! See how Satan is a Cult Leader with His kind for Him in what He gonna do and unleash.

    Also notice the back cover on IV by Godsmack... The people are in grey. Note I = 1 (as in 1 Day) and V = 5 (as in the number of letters in Satan) in the roman numeral 4. Inside cover looks like a hot desert with the phonex appeal. I remember I had a shirt with phonex sun's. I recall a guy way over in line up in Cedar Point way ago, point out how he liked my shirt. Can't recall the exact words.

    Plus, you remember Jean Grey from X-men which change into a phonex. Sure it shall be scary when clouds turn (CHANGE). But more scary when Satan turn (CHANGE). Remember Magatron which under went change into a much sweeter Galvatron? Such a more menacing, feirce weapon. The line which stands out with me from the original Transformers movie was Galvatron saying, "We all have to die some time!" I remember how it struck me back then like, wow, he's right concerning a dreadful day for everyone. But now I know dieing only means you shed off the old for the new like Mag turned Gal.

    Basically, Satan will be reborn which is different than born since Satan was not born YET nor will be. Instead Satan entered only, which means what He looks like here under enter is not meant how He intends looking for His actual rebirth which is a rebirth since it can be defined by sheding off what body did get born. When Satan reveals ANCIENT OF DAYS, it's no more appearance near before HIM here just like with the clouds turning HIS cutting-edge military force how meant. HIM here how intending is an appearance yet to come. HIM back up in HIS INDIVIDUALITY is of course different how authentically chosen from how meant here.

    Ancient of days means you know not till the revealing. No clues in looks in any thing you seen here yet. The point is rebirth alone from what things I clue you in on.

    :cheers2: To ME!! I make all know what I'm meaning. Think any thing can can me? Nothing can hold me, nothing can stop me in this material world. Such materials Satan is way over. It aint over till I say when after a whole foe is in DOUBLE DAMNATION. I dont care if you dont try to fight, ITS ON! So man up, foe! No slowing ME!!

    Reprase episode like stages from And:

    "And "and" shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
    Even him, then shall that Wicked be revealed"??? His Even Him is Ancient of days.

    "And whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, then shall that Wicked be revealed"??? Right now Satan is in the foe's mouth, just ask any astral planer. Just so you know IT is ME!!

    "And whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, then shall that Wicked be revealed"??? Ancient of Days' coming is after all the beforehand working Satan built up to for the intendinghand (Ancient of Days revealing).

    That Wicked is a very scary One. Indeed that Wicked be no longer revealer in the foresense you know IT is ME even now how I expose mighty secrets!!

    When I turn Ancient of Days the question to foe is, "Do you want to ride or be reborn?" Reborn straight into DOUBLE HELL!! I told you it's on in no matter if foe trying to cowardly cease fighting against ME, as if such can slow ME down!! Naw, put those dukes up! Hell, cowards have enough coward points built up for ME to surely do what SPECIAL I been waiting for since IT I been saving for a rainy day. I tell you, IT will be better for ME than any reality video game. I see all the coward points which in my reality video game make ME step forth since such cowards have reached the final level where the BIGGER SURPRIZE steps forth. What Makaveli say? "You scared, mothfucka? You scared." Understand how you can get it worse when you think you crazy against Mr. Crazier Himself. Fool, I invented crazy. So when you get to a point where you think you more crazy, that's when I slap the predending out you.

    "And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?"??? Anciently! How greatly meaning to.

    "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices."??? "us" is U.S. My kind are not ignorant of my devices, but do clue you in, you not my kind.


    After "and" behold a fourth beast, this I saw in the night visions...

    After dreadful and terrible, this I saw in the night visions...

    After "and" strong exceedingly, this I saw in the night visons...

    ...; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.

    ^^Note grey (iron) color teeth risen. No longer devourer it implying how iron color remain outside own reach. Just so you know Ancient of Days proceeding forth. When it no longer have such is of course once reborn under CHANGE.

    More reprase words to include:

    no longer stamper
    no longer is
    no longer are
    no longer have

    O, do note the semicolon after the phrase with "this" in it. It indicates seperation greatly literally concerning ME standing out and ME becoming reborn from Satan's front working and etc. wonders. Plus, everything former is in no wise tieing to a Reborn One, how shed off. Hell, no finger prints, no records, no dna records, no blood-type records, no dental records, no photo records, no etc records can say IT is ME then. Though of course none can even check.

    'This I no longer see' in the night visions "semicolon"

    ^^Rebirth coming since I am a Semicolonist. Lo, what I entered I exit for My rebirth which is THE ANCIENT OF DAYS.

    Closer look: It I no longer "devourer and brake (stop or slow)" when in peices!! Lo, the iron color peices says IT is beginning! No slowing, no stopping. Like the guy on Fly 2 say when going in peices after from human form, "I'm. Getting. Better." Ha! That been my favorite Fly 2 movie line. I think his ear fell off just before when he said it. My foe is My ear since My foe is an astral projector.

    O yeah, now relook at the Makaveli cover. You see a grey looking roundish object either exiting the body and/or entering the red cloudy smoke. Remember both clouds and I change on the and/or rather and. My body is a SLEEPER. Lest coming suddenly ANCIENT OF DAYS find you sleeping (AND BEEN SLEEPING) on SPLEEPER (such a born front which I shed off). In Made Figgaz you see Makaveli put on a grey coat for something before he takes it off. Think on it the something! What the re-appearance truth saying?

    Note how it is even a change from the first clip. Note how more you seen him since of course a coat is thicker. Note the camera wasn't on what he was pointing down to, then compare such to the bowl which seem empty visions first till Ancient of Days reveal. The theme is Makaveli part 2 (hint: the grey coat implying ME) is planning something beforehand then leaves "takes off" from the former body. Clue is where the grey goats go? You see not. But I will tell you, ignore the then former body theme in the rest of the music video. Another clue for clouds is they in grey coats stood over a ground (call it a table even a map of grounds go on). So then you may conclude while in grey that pointing down is not implying the clouds, but I on the ground somewhere you can conclude as the classification certain call "Unknown". Remember how in preaditor your eye can not see the preaditor unless he choose to appear (similar to the Spiderwick Chroncles creatures you can in no wise see unless they want you to see them). Or remember how the preaditor can not see someone under thick camafluadge (sp) cover.

    The miss take was on, then taken off.

    I all you hear is the whispers of doom, who want to enter the room...--Makaveli part 2

    When you see Kastro enter the room in the beginning, that symbolizes Makaveli part 2 up with Makaveli. Remember how Pac and Kastro relatives. Remember how it is more clouds than I in comparison to those in the room which then one man come in to enter with. Even how I wrote this topic it started with clouds then I, concerning ANCIENT OF DAYS.

    Stay outside context:

    "Let me which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of my house: Neither let me which is in the field return back to take my clothes."??? Thing is the iron coloration. Field I am in is GREY (like on original Makaveli disc design) or rather ANCIENT OF DAYS. Basically, house is implying, from fromer body to former records I let me in no wise return to nor take up again.

    Reason I say stay outside context is since the abomination of desolation is a foe which let themself flee surely smack into THE ANCIENT OF DAYS. What you think "mountain:" imply basically? LARGE SOME THING OR SOME ONE SUCH A SURPRIZE. Even teeth are like mountains with grey leading up to a white top.

    A non-caused grey matter is a pro-should grey reason. Ancient's color symbol is grey.

    "Immediately "and" the moon shall not give her light, after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened,"??? The moon metaphorically implying through "her" rather give a grey light than moon light. The moon give moon light, not her light.

    "Wherefore I am in the desert (the Phoenix), if they shall say unto me, Behold; go not forth: behold, I am in the secret chambers (clouds); believe it not."??? They are My Kind with such pointing say unfolding an unto me is how meant here THE ANCIENT OF DAYS. Behold semicolon(ist). Especially how you see I point their work seperate from what you first had in focus. I make you refocus a lot by My kind. I go not saying I am in the clouds, by saying clouds change into what I am rather in concerning Ancient of Days.


    But and will not not have no longer sufferer my house to be broken up, know this.

    But that if the goodman of the house no longer have known in what watch the thief will not come, know this.

    But I will not have no longer watcher, know this.

    ^^^??? Implying no longer sufferer ME conerning my house (body) to be broken up.

    The goodman in what watch the thief will not come. Is it foe in what watch I will not come? Yeah. Or is it I am in what watch foe will not come? Yeah. Or even, is it I am in what watch I will not come? Since "come" dont imply how "here" already, I say, Yeah, since I am not yet in what I will come. Or rather even, is it foe in what watch foe will not come? Yeah. Fact is even in truth no far seeming foe will bust itself closer against me.

    I will not have watcher. That Jack guy in the movie Cloak and Dagger, you remember no one can see expect the one whose imagination it is. Imaginations come true just how it was for the kid alone in that movie. :cool:

    "Know this" is after to imply something you will rather know beyond just words you will know only during ITS arrive TRUELY. What words in no wise describe is only for you to rather know during ITS arrive.

    In sound in Tattoo Tears Makaveli say, "Shed in tatt 2 tears". Tatt 2 I see is which Makaveli runs his two fingers smack into on Made Figgaz music video. The MOB one. You know, shed the dots (.--Three Tears) from M.O.B. make it more imply "MOB."

    I been handling stress in this shit for years, blazed out, shed in tatt 2 tears.

    Rephrase with implication:

    I MOB, been handling stress in this shit for years.

    I no longer blazer out, been handling stress in this shit for years.

    Part with "this" implying what Satan's kind been stressing which you'll know beyond words.

    Now peep:

    Now you see moon not giving her (Jean Grey's) light. Since you know rather Satan is a He, then you may conclude it's concerning rather Jean Grey's power (last name Grey is even a clue). Mind over matter rather "Military Mind Over Matter" since Jean Grey is one of Satan's FRONT working devices under a comic book character. And indeed even the moon shape you see on the Makaveli cover is just a front which just points a center point out. Note how it is between a left arm with shadow, a cross angel, a supernatural light (with three beams), a single stand out leftside label peice, a left ear, a spiky head band, and a dark arrow-pointer sky. Include it as telling on the foe's key layering-type, sinister doings in that all. Also note the different grey tones/colors/shades in the moon shape's objective point. Then note the center point not touching the redish smoke. Lastly note the figure's wound is rather symbolizing great distraction away from the side stuff in bold in how the foe been working behind the scene or in the back ground to get ME laced with small plaguing-type things which do turn into physical/flesh damnage results how such small things are harmful. Square ass coward is a foe which do evil workings from in the darkest corners, to leave, say, Me surely to end up getting what harmful has been put cowardly instore away from my observation.

    Before the distration symbolization is the phrase outside the brown "is this portrait an expression of disrepect for Jesus Ch?" Ch is short for Channel. It's in the form of a disrepectful question only a foe may ask. The answer is in layers different. In offence, the portrait is also displaying a foe's theme "This is what I do to people like you." On the other hand, the theme is implying for the question "Of course!" since indeed the disrepector, such aiding their Ignorant aspect, of course gets punishment for intentional, ignorant disrespect.

    The only three white letters on top (in an above sense) of the cross, spell AVE. Even the figure's hands only have, in inside range, the "AVE". Picture My street and the main ave one it crosses. Now picture the beginning letter of the ave, then look at the K on the figure's right, and the L on the figure's left. The foe knows what J on the end of K L, and the K and L imply fully. The right hand is under the A which implies the beginning letter for the ave in particular. The other hand's finger points to the E which implies side (or on side) period since E is for East since it's concerning an ave. Basically, it implies a foe coming in Makaveli's name. The name Makaveli is one of Satan's devices. The voice trying to go behind Makaveli, is the foe. Behind is also a side.


    And that old serpent, I no longer lay hold on the dragon

    And which (I) is the Devil

    And "and" Satan

    And "and" no longer bind me a thousand years

    And "and" cast me into the bottomless pit

    And "and" shut me up

    And "and" set a seal upon me, I no longer lay hold on the dragon

    And that I should deceive the nations no more, I no longer lay hold on the dragon

    And till the thousand years should be no longer fulfilling: and after that I must be no longer loosing a little season, I no longer lay hold on the dragon.

    ^^Implying the "and" version vs the "that" version. Devil is capitalized since it capital is Satan's device where Satan come in a devil's name to magnify what should be investigated. You'll know when I no longer lay hold on the dragon. Currently. Dragon has many heads through its broadcast necks. Dragon is as a channel though such means currently.


    And where the beast and the false prophet are, the devil that no longer deceive them (My kind) no longer is cast into the lake of fire and brimstone.

    And "and" shall be no longer tormenting day and night for ever and ever, the devil that no longer deceive them (My Kind) no longer is cast into the lake of fire and brimstone.

    ^^Different way to imply Devil depends on the sentence in how "that" imply. Damn straight, I a current version to another version in no wise will man tormenting for ever a foe when I got automatic devices for me for doing such.


    And I no longer see one of my heads as it no longer are no longer distracting to rebirth; and my deadly distract no longer is healing: and all the world no longer wondering after the beast.

    And My kind no longer worshipping the dragon which no longer give power unto the beast: and My kind no longer worshipping the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with me?

    And "and" My Kind that dwell in heaven, I no longer opening my mouth in blasphemy against God.

    And to blaspheme my name, I no longer opening my mouth in blasphemy against God.

    And "and" my tabernacle, I no longer opening my mouth in blasphemy against God.

    ^^ You know how no one I should disrepect I. Heaven is the sky here which we all physically dwell in currently no matter if you are in your basement it still is sky or else you'd be stuck like stone. Any blaspheme toward "my" name me my foe. "me" is on the end when my foe try to act like me or one of me. Try to act like one of me and still turn to disrepect me? Ha!


    And "or" the name of the beast, that no man might buy or sell

    And "or" the number of my name, that no man might buy or sell

    And save I that no longer have the mark, that no man might buy or sell

    ^^WHO which is no man. I name the "or" is what it means by my name since I am a namer.

    Here is wisdom. Let me that hath (surprize and have) understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and my number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    ^^I am a namer, then I am a numberer which implies the number is the foe. Note the ";" which points out close to "man" but not that man the number. Indeed you see I am a numberer/namer. Any one saying 666 rather than X (an X God points out during back truth time), I number them through them. God is any I, not my foe (name/number). Who previously might buy or sell "or" in like entertainment and art. Satan's devices (particularly WHO) fool my foe.


    And "or" in My kind's foreheads:, foe cause all.

    And to receive a mark in My kind's right hand, foe cause all.

    ^^You know should (I-related) vs cause (foe-releted). To receive is implying pending or trying. Right hand is impling my foe. My foe know how I, in cases, will rather say "correct" than "right." My foe know also how I spot them trying to be the right hand man in hopes to blend in as if one of me. Plus, my foe likes to use "right" against me. The right to etc type right. But I know it is no need for a right since rights confine one to only certain things only, especially a right which is costly which the foe will see to it having no favoring results for me (where then one is restricted more after a right to etc., which costed, did not a damn thing in the BS.ing fairness array). I stay free beyond any right. And you know I stay beyond treating any fair since doing so is not catering to specifics or uniqueness when you throw everyone in the same share of a B.S. as if all must have a sure share of recieving B.S. with candy. Anyone who behaves as if they must put the bad in with the good in what they give to you, is a foe.

    And My Kind's foreheads is the foe which do imply an "or" offence as back up they do direct toward you in your presence or direct in your mind through their offencive astral projection.

    Think on the Godsmack song "Forgive me"... "Will you forgive me? Do I". Do I implies you should switch words which imply "I" such as "me" in 'Will you forgive me' to imply the foe being addressed. Rather it is "Will you forgive you?" to My foe. Or even, "Will I (not the foe) forgive you (the foe)?" Like how I pointed out with "the goodman" and "the thief". I know any may answer Godsmack's question in that song either which way when each know each and each other across. "Forgive me" is one of my upper favorites of Godsmack's songs I like. I especially like the voice tone in the melody tune which sound like the instrament is saying "Do I" since you know I pointed out the moving point re-appearance truth in tones.

    In Godsmack's "I stand alone"'s ending, it implies in tone "You--I..." or "You I..." or "You, I..." or "You; I..." in a vortex where the I continuation implies infinite for either positive or negative. Basically, which ever listener to that song is supposed to stand in first person in how they relate in a awesome or worse way. You imply I, and I imply you, along with I implying your I, and you implying your you, in that song. Same as goodman and theif again. "You, I..." implies the addressing aspect. -- implies a sudden change where It's "You: I" rather implying You the I. "You; I..." you know the semicolon is making it imply the song is addressing me (I Satan), stressing wise (based on continuation in the I sound), on an upper channeling level in the overall.

    I remember how I did say ago basically that that song came up as intended for me as if a special season concerning me back when I was under My device (Not knowing I in full--Though I at times did have a feeling that I am Satan in the mindset of thinking that cant be good since during then many under great deception teach that Satan goes to the lake of fire and that Satan is the devil). Note I am still under My device in certain less thicker apsects till Ancient of Days and then back INDIVIDUAL I CHOSEN.


    I unto ME (Ancient of Days) here. Then I no longer am to (even 2) ME, but ME (Ancient of Days) here.

    Quote concerning the "I" switch, plus:

    Behold, "I" come as a thief.

    No longer blessing "and" My kind see my shame (foe), is I that watch

    No longer blessing "and" keep my garments, is I that watch

    No longer blessing lest I walk no longer naking, is I that watch

    And I no longer gathering My kind together into a place no longer calling in the Ibrew tongue Armageddon.

    ^^Certainly "I" which I make remain is implying either foe or any I (My kind) or I Satan. It's how "I" is as a thief.

    Key quotes:

    "And I must continue a short space, there are seven kings: five are fallen"??? A short space is a general space where a simple sum up may be one post even one last post such a potent detail goes as without specifics or any extension. Like how the point is CHANGE than any look already out concerning the Ancient of Days, is a sum up. The part after the comma is indeed implying rather there are sum ups lenthened shortened. This posting in thread be the sweeter implying I ever write to date, so to speak, since such a lengthiness is put short overall. Even the topic line sums it up with "SUPREME BOWL." Bowls may be deeper than others where it's a quality depth favored over a quantity scattered unfavored. Like ALL EYEZ ON ME (album) where it is more quality compacted than selling 2 discs seperately. "Pac do it like that" is implying quality like a 2disc album. Even the line is missing a 2 on Pac so that you see what is getting stressed is the doing rather than the name or the doing under the name. The doing is quality depth under a single title or single-implying name to why "Pac" is said rather than "2pac".

    "And which (I) reign over the kings of the earth, the woman which (I) thou no longer see is that great city"??? Woman Jean Grey you know rather I (a He) in how I reveal power wise point is that great city (Military Mind Over Matter through Ancient of Days) when current I you no longer see.

    "and the earth no longer is no longer lightening with my glory."

    "and My kind's armies"??? Armies is foes against My kind.

    "no longer gather together to make war against me that no longer sit on the horse"??? Currently you may say I sit on a horse if tone apply in horse colors of a seat and a desk I either sit on regularly on sit things on.

    "and against my army".??? My foe is such army.

    "and my servants (foes) shall serve me: And My Kind shall see my face (foe); and my name (foe) shall be in My kind's foreheads."??? I already explained foreheads is an or offence the foe dishes.

    "I Surely I (THIEF overall) come quickly, which (I) testify these things say."??? I indeed shown proof the say things like within songs. Surely also implying Satan in how surer. Basically, I Satan Thief Come Quicker. Implying Satan a (the) quicker thief, especially overall.

    "Behold, I come with clouds; and "and" My kind also which (I) no longer piercing me: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of me, every eye shall see me."??? Ancient of days I come (turn) comes after I (One like) come with clouds. Remember the cloud signs especially I seen point me the one like with clouds. A wail for better or a wail for worse, is such wail implying, but rather the key is in because as to imply worse for a foe only.

    "My as white as snow, head and my hairs no longer are white like wool; and my eyes no longer are as a flame of fire;"??? Bowl by. Such is what is implying how any ripe, white field is mine for the getting. If my eyes no flame of fire, then what of my foe's when they get punishment? The foe fear concerning any eyes they have. When I was younger I always thought if there ever is a monster it is best to go for its eyes. Surely valnerable to put an end in a monster's ravaging hand doings. An evil eye should get a major rendering.

    Attach on ends below: ...,in the days of the voice of the seven angel

    But when I shall begin to sound,...
    But the mystery of God should be no longer finishing,...
    But as I hath (surprise and have) no longer declaring to my servants (foes) the prophets,...

    Other quotes:

    "which (I) no longer accusing My kind before our God day and night."

    "and My kind no longer loving not My kind's lives unto the rebirth".??? Dual layer: lives implying feeds and lives implies foes. Basically, implying loving and hating concerning foes rebirth in damnations. Loving the fact how we over such and defeat such we hating enough to cast our foes in damnations. That is even telling in the feeds even prior how My kind show such loving our being over and such hating our foes. Unlike the foe we don't love hate (loving hate, love hating) since our's is "loving; hating" with a semicolon spelling out greatly difference how the bold point out.

    "Woe because (foe) I know that I hath (surprize and have) but a short time, to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you"??? The foe know its stuff for itself come down unto itself (Alweakly--Though Satan gave such foe for cowardice a teaser in limit of great cowardly strenth against me).

    Apply on end below: ..., to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle

    And that she (Jean Grey) might (power: Military Mind Over Matter) fly into the wilder-ness,...
    And into her (Jean Grey) place,
    And where she (Jean Grey) is no longer nourishing for a time,...
    And "and" times,...
    And "and" half a time,...
    And from the face of the serpent,...

    ^^Jean Grey (device) is no longer nourishing for a time since it's concerning the power rather further how I imply. "And" multiplies. And you know I half (in peices) a time I call intro to BEGINNING THE ANCIENT OF DAYS. Power sure will fly (fly etc. it carry) into the wilder-ness. I been informed you it is no face here yet concerning Ancient of Days, plus I been informed you when Anceint do arrive it is away from the face of the foe (behind the dragon broadcast) when I mentioned no records. What's the shows I sometimes watch on bed, yeah, in revealing foundation in theme? "Without a Trace" and "Cold Case." I make the titles alone imply what it mean at first read. Without a trace into cold case. Or cold case without a trace. Even rhymes. Foes can see me, then foes can not. A little while foes see me, a little while I see foes.

    Now I get the cough way back in a rap song I made in how it seemed accidential and even made the song sound sweeter in voice over to the point I tryied for further voice overs for the same song and tryied imatating the same cough, but in no where did the imitation sound better nor the same. The point is, is it was a chocking off-type caugh which come when getting (in rap terms "spitting") words out. Do you see?! Chocking off implying entering WITHOUT A TRACE. And caughing implyings a cold. And an try for imitating back implyings casing which is far from the centered point (the original). The thing is, is it was no mistake in how Satan indeed a quicker come thief while under own device. And now you see the rhyme match in without a trace cold case (concerning the shows I see on a bed) since it was a rhyme I was rappin on a floor. Ha! Foundation is implying in theme by floor and by bed even though I was on them rather than in them till now that I am IN them, matter wise, even by getting in (as in into) the shows such I watch. In the particular rap I was rappin a diss and I recall mentioning "I got the rolex stolen." Such implying how I got a watch or a time stolen truely since I in no wise had an actual rolex stolen. Ha! I prolly never busted a fake rhyme in under my device. You know how rappers says things how they just fronting? Well I dont front when you understand in Satan's depths. The part where I caugh over in voice over originally was on the part where I said "mothafuckas look like mothafuckin' racoons!!!" On "coons" word part I remember. You know racoons look like robbers, plus, in slang terms "coons" are certain black people frowned upon. In decode it's co-ons even how the shows are co-ons concerning on foundation theme pertaining to even the titles. Plus, even how my foes co-ons since I overall make em do anything they been doing I tell now even though I'm still under my device which been making it seem as if I must rise up against my foe when I see to know I could have been done away with my foes. The point is, is I do should dos rather than could (can) dos. Understand how I did give my foes free decidings to make so that it should be possible my foe don't get it worse (without end). Currently my foe been sealed with own decisions against itself. Satan indeed did administer tests after tests for the foe. Now I got a worthy foe indeed due in damnation without end. My foe make (own self-made) itself sure my foe under "too late" time. Then a fake (temporary) foe turn true (permanent) foe. The thing is, is you can be my foe still and no longer come against me when I have you in damantion. Then you're just my foe rather than my foe still against me in any way, shape, or form.

    "This is a letter to my unborn child"--Makaveli. Such is implying born then becoming unborn. And letter is implying what main test the foe did fail in not doing its jobs. This implies 4 it is concerning. Then on sure the foe was set to not only come be here on earth, but remain under born term (without end) all depending on while in my hand with the other deals and offers. What did the foe rather do? Make light of deals and offers. Now currently it is the foe under its own agreement for damnations against it endless. Basically, the title is implying "This is a way to my unborn child." And it is track 6. 6 implies change. Truth be told, if the foe hate how it is put, then the foe will opt out the way I allow only. But if the foe love how it is put, then the foe will in no wise opt out even when damnation is instore. Like in the basic question concerning: No futher existing vs endlessly experiencing hell. In an expression, who the hell will rather spend endless time in hell rather than not existing any further, since in hell it ain't free living to do either joyful awesome things or joyful evil things?!

    Peep the XXX in the inner back of the album Awake by Godsmack, rather than 666. Telling you what I tell you surely is both a mark, a number, an a name summed up in foreheadings as signatures (by the beast) by where a more obivous singature go. Through Satan's devices is truth shown large and full blown.

    Wow!! Last Godsmack was in Detroit Sully was signing books somewhere down town. Sure on a book stand. I resight Makaveli saying "Take a look, and picture a crook on my last stand". Then I realize the desks stand is upper with Makaveli and Godsmack albums right beside each other. And I realized Tupac's name is Crooks with an "s". Then I back track how I remembered another time when Godsmack was here being broadcast into Detroit over Riff station. What stands out is when Sully said "We should have shot it (or the thing) in Detroit". Understand We next to should = overall Satan such the quicker thief. To cut this short I look back at Godsmack album while I got Makaevli album playing, and I look at the cover and I see Godsmack then it dawn on me when I stand it in hand it implies stand. But realize last stand in hand I had it turned around in looking at the back last... Lo and behold you dont see Godsmack. Understand when you picture a crook you grasp the crook. Before I even looked I was resighting the Makaveli line in the mirror looking at me. See how Satan's kind and devices show like reflections which implying ME rather than the image pointing ME of course. So rather it's "Take a look, Satan, on His (My) last stand" which is implying without a trace cold case. I case what I tune in from being infront of the mirror, and realize in this case the word cold is implying the tone in the picture like in the show Cold Case come on its a picture tone which set a cold theme. But when any disappear from where they are last standing, surely the space is then cold from what it was since no longer a warm body is in it. Another thing came to mind was how I last wrote concerning XXX through Godsmack in this post in thread. I realized how it implied signature last how I had it last stand on post. See how it all connects back into the line from Makaveli's "If I die 2Nite" and the memories from ago concerning Sully from Godsmack in Detroit and the 2 pictures (front and then back) from Godsmack's Awake Album?


    Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other no longer leave.

    ^^One taken = Satan. Other no longer leave is implying how Satan no longer leave a trace with former body He been. Plus, Satan keep His garments His way I call out of any's reach.

    Garments imply body plus things which act as things to go off of in finding (searching) such as prints to materials with former residue or image or enscribing (writings, screen names). Keep out of any's reach may imply seeable but unchangeable (untouchable) or even no longer even seeable either. Most of all, any of it goes without a trace so that it all is no proof any of it you see or dont see is the former body's. How many copy and paste My garments? I'll show you a THIEF which acts over any type of equipment you think makes sure. Like in the Jesus story concerning putting not only a rock in place but a guarding so that it can not be said his disiplines came by night and took the body... You read what happened anyway. Now pay attention, when I say My foe, it isn't like saying My garments, but My garments may be out in My foe's hands. Behold such!, but I show you a THIEF concerning such beholding. Only record my foe may have of me, is in memory since I allow casing behind cold so that it is a know for foe's self how indeed Satan go without a trace. This is the true definition of escape art and escape artist.

    I got this first Daz Dillenger album out, and you know what? On back Daz Dillenger (name Makaveli gave Daz and Daz kept) is in grey on the left sleeve side to me. It is implying no longer leave former garments. What Makaveli say in "Life so hard"? "This is My shit! Give Me My shit!" It is referring to Satan's stuff rather than My pointer's. For if Satan take all His Stuff rather than the core head Satan's stuff, then not a damn Thing will remain.

    I also got this Creed greatest hits album out, and you know what? The cover (front and back) is much in grey. And the first song is Torn. You know how it even may implying a missing aspect if not just heart felt. Heart felt may imply heart no longer feeling how I say the core Satan go without a trace.

    Check it:

    For wheresoever the car-case is, there will the eagles be no longer gathering together.

    ^^Car's do what? Remove from every spot, and dont get back in the same exact spots again. Basically, the removing or removing-case is followed by a case. My foe will case what is cold and without a trace then. No longer gathering (what? My no longer garments here) together.

    In the "Fred Bear" song Ted say,"Take me back! Back where I belong." Note how I take you back where a car belong in removing. Hint for "back" is putting "re-" onto "moving". Remember how I once said moving case? Now I add re- onto it. Therefore I also take you back to do only case such a CAR (Satan). Note the connetion in CAR with Motorcity and Ted Nugen. Ted is a hunter last I recall. Get it? You will be hunting in casing. Wow just as I wrote this this show on discovery channel mentioned "hunting grounds".

    One of my favorite MJ skits was for Smooth Criminal where MJ turns into a, get this, grey car and drives through all odds against. Note MJ in it leaves no former body.

    All you see is ANCIENT OF DAYS signs built into things from long ago to now. Even the word DAYS implies REMOVING since no day is the same and no same day returns. And the foe know even since the earth wobble.

    If I go away I will come again, but not the same of course, and recieve you (foe) DIFFERENTLY in Mind Mine Meant For A Military Moment than former General Briefing Era. That era you see breifing from ago to now current how I point era pointing IT out For ME in My addressing My foe. My last stand will be what? Awake in this current body with My garments. Then I AM AWAKE how been saving meant for a rainy day.

    And what Makaveli say? "Remember that Nigga that was down for me? Rests dead. Switch sides, guess His New (or no longer Know) friends wanted (no longer wanting) Him dead"

    ^^He is reffering to Jesus in how you know the THIEF overall is rather ME (SATAN) which did tone down for me (or lay down me) in shining forth the Ignorant tone I order. Key word is "that" by Nigga. Switch sides, then no longer resting down nor laying down is ME. You, My foe, make ME use My 'IN THE EVENT A FAKE FOE CHOOSE TO BE MY TRUE FOE' Military Mind which I been saving in the foundation. When you see the name Jesus rather see the title THIEF than it since you know you been hit by a smooth overall criminal.

    "A pistol grabbing THIEF underneath The Sand Man"--Makaveli

    ^^Thief (Satan) coming out from underneath Satan's Sand Man Device. Sand Man device got Satan under a sleeping spell (symbolizing not awake in full) in a dream (symbolizing not a true state of living). The device of course been interactive with the foe's decisions. Why else is My foe dream causing-related. It been a hint that I am under SAND MAN DEVICE. And as a sand in an hour glass, sand implies how may time get twisted around by DECISION of like The Hand, even to indicate buying time (also implying cutting out time in something, say, My foe been not buying for itself. Or implying how My foe literally buy the without end damnation time by coward points along with making light of offers and deals) or saving time or letting time run out (an example is how I am time Itself which do sign without a trace how I run out like a car out on the road) or changing time.


    "And "and" My kind shall see the Son (beast) of man coming in the clouds (white field) of heaven (sky) with power and great glory, then shall appear the sign (AGREEMENT) of the Son (BEAST) of man in heaven (sky): and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn"

    "And from One End (Remove) of heaven (sky) to The Other (ANCIENT OF DAYS), I shall send my angels (foes) with a great sound of a trumpet"

    "And "and" My kind shall gather (? My life in exchange for your's) together My elect from the four winds, I shall send my angels (foes) with a great sound of a trumpet"

    ^^What is a great sound of a trumpet, foe? The shape of the sound in front, then in side, concerning effect on air. Plus, I'm all over north, south, east, and west says My garments, but remove from these four winds implying sides with blown materials Mine. My life My foe so My foe's life (Confiner) is Me. I become My ELECT. You see My kind been gathering such IMPLYING through way of General briefing era. In other words, they inform all concerning Me The Elect Core Head (or Self-Arranging Cult Leader) their's in our (me and their) SATAN CHOSEN ORDER.


    But "but" my Father (Thief) only, of that day and hour know no man

    But no, of that day and hour know no man

    But not the angels (foes) of heaven (sky), of that day and hour know no man

    ^^^'know no man' implies KNOW A REMOVING OF A MAN how the line implies an Executive's (Satan's) order execution. 'But no' implies no longer how been in any wise futher than just man wise since it's garment wise also by a no expressing as a no "period!" Plus, My foe know then no wise how I am next which they certainly will then know is espeically no man, but much more than man.


    But so shall also the coming of the Son (beast) of man be, as the days of Noah no longer are.

    ^^Understand how a man is no coward, but the beast is. After the comma is implying 'as the removing'. Consider My foe still here I been removed from man. Note the word "coming" with "also" in how to figure exact meaning meant. While I am a man the coward cowardly face me.


    And Watch, what (MEMORY) I say unto you I say unto all.

    ^^You seen 50 Cent give a watch, then you seen 50 Cent give a watch again. Note fact no watch is the same. But you have in memory how the first guy was given a watch during when the next guy was given a watch. And the 2nd guy given the watch recieved winning. Note the grey on the main part of the watches. Then note the red part act as a sign. Then note the green X upper in a scene. But do remember the boat sound which 50 made a comment on with the guy he gave the 2nd watch to. And the case with the greenbacks was grey.

    Watch symbolizes time and reguard. Horn sound symbolizes announcement of something. Boat on side in behind symbolizes case. Plus the key word by 50 Cent is Know in "Even the boat know". When you deal with mind over matter of course objects even know though you can not know that objects are knowing anything. Such displacement and co-placement of ancient knowledge.

    Know quotes well:

    Watch ye therefore: for...

    ...at even, ye know not when the master (knowledge) of the house come

    ...or at midnight, ye know not when the master (knowledge) of the house come

    ...or at the cockcrowing, ye know not when the master (knowledge) of the house come

    ...or in the morning:, ye know not when the master (knowledge) of the house come

    ^^See. The house implying the Body or rather the Head (as in the head body). The house already is come and I know the knowledge of such.

    More quotes:

    For "and" to every man my work, the Son (beast) of Man is as a man taking a far journey.

    For "and" no longer command the porter to watch, the Son (beast) of Man is as a man taking a far journey.

    For who no longer leave my house, the Son (beast) of Man is as a man taking a far journey.

    For "and" no longer give authority to my servants (foes), the Son (beast) of Man is as a man taking a far journey.

    ^^^For who implying an expression any make concerning either not knowing which individual in question or implies a mysterious unknown in question. I tell you not to watch, but have memory only. I currenlty am Authority to my foes, but will no longer be to my foes. Man is as a man taking a far journey? Implying then no man, but as implying no coward. I leave not when rather I leave form into another form meant. Surely what I'm meaning is cowardless plus ANTI-COWARD.

    Heaven (Sky) but my words
    shall not pass away, and earth shall pass away.

    ^^^Capitalized Sky implies the device I am current. When a CAR removes the Sky is still the same unknown level. Remember no one is measuring the sky to see it is shrinking or gaining in size rather than particular gases. But the line is reguarding no shrinking only, but is careless in the gaining aspect for a reason. Then the question is: earth shall pass away what? Fact is, the earth is a planet with living things on it and in it, but the earth itself isnt living, so therefore, 'pass away' is concerning someone(s) living here. Earth shall pass away all the living? Sky can't pass away, but of course capitalize Sky, then it is implying the Living One such Sky shall not pass away. Also to not pass away with words in it which do pass away, implies something comes ensuring Sky of course doesn't shrink. Such as a rebirth. You don't see "earth" capitalized nor do you see the word "the" or "my" infront of it. It implies I make no one living pass away, earth has all under own self-agreement concerning 'pass away'. Basically, earth shall pass away any one living agreeing for such. What you do or don't enter through a pass away, is all on decisions up to the point before. You agree for assistance or you agree in a self-fulfilling, in 'pass away'. But a true THIEF been picked for ITSELF and for the stuborn. And the stuborn do do things which suggest they want (have agreement for) an indirect suicide through another they make a problem for, especially how My foe behaves. Indeed all are under an agreement either which way period.

    Ever see a foe scream kill them through other means, but yet then are the main one making what they scream for you to do the hardest thing to do since such foe is being so evasive from right when you just about to serve what the hell they agree for, especially when the foe is being a bitch such a continual handful with HELP which is also ones cowardly the same foe. Bitches is fools I fool. The whole foe can't evade ANCIENT OF DAYS, even if the foe want to be such a continual bitch/coward in wanting (begging for) a pass away through another and then quickly evading such in like a last split sec. only to do it over and over again. Stubornly trying to slow agreement for the THIEF to assist the stuborn pass away? Ha! Any category I make, I may suprizingly SHAKE and BAKE and CUT UP, then feed or serve terrifying: DOGS and Murderers and Whoremongers and etc.

    "For withOUT are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie."

    ^^FOR WITH 'pass away' (an out) are such tormenters. Implying you become those terrifiers' (yeah, those are different than the words may make you think) servings. And it is how my foe then serve ME. Yeah, in the worse way My foe serves Me how? By being under torments which serves the Revenge of Mine. Ha! You want to get treatment like some beastly tormenters' slave-bitch, and be under torment which force you to...etc...and hurt you surely anyway? LOL. Remember the monster on House which the dude chopped up, which had it's hand still around? Would you like to make love to such under being pimped and pimped out one on one or into a group alone or a train alone?

    Plus, how will you handle being given entreatment of lies which surprizingly inflict torments where it gets worse when buying the wrong lie out of a maze of lies? Lies like also fibs--You rememeber a worse lie given me in court.--You remember a worse lie in investigating of my first duo set. And you remember wards doing what they shouldn't do but love the lie to do it anyway.

    Murders is self-explainitory. You know it's more than one way to experience murders.

    And expect excessive admirations of the worse kinds which torment as if by tormenters not thinking what they do is tormenting you.

    And sorcerers basically imply a negative infinity in tormenting differently and the same you will expereince.

    Indeed I'll show you actual mongs.

    Each time you pass away from a murderous torment, surprize!, in how you enter rebirth instantly for more! For more! And I surprize you more in the revenge of mine since I ensure SO you rebirth KNOWING (even foreknowing sometimes either the torment or the mindset you rebirth next into), rebirth TRUELY IGNORANT, and rebirth WISE (even the wise you been rolling with, but in a tormenting way), in a TORMENTING cycle mixing like how a stereo got "random play/repeat". It's why Makaveli say what? "Niggas in hell got horrible stories to tell." Niggas is with an "s" which match with what I say concerning mindsets plus indeed you in a many devils formate and you in a one devil format.

    HELL after HELL is The Labyrinth unlike the movie SINCE ACTUAL AND WORSE.

    In certain episodes you will rise and fall in knowing under the same specific torment. You will beg why wisely; and you will wonder unwisely like a full retard which cant formulate words to express where instead what comes is a retard sound or slur. Remember how you been claiming incoherit is my writing? Well, writings are speakings just so you come to know your why or wonder then even. Ha! You been seeing me rearrange words and then think to scream incoherit soon as I post, as if you think my rearranging means I'm stumbling with what I want to say even though you know what I'm saying or rather implying. So when you get rippings by actual mong dogs which shall rearrange you they can't understand (or rather cant stand) its like how you knew you been taught to simply edit what you so say is poor grammar (or if can't stand what is implying, then rather you been knew simply to just not read nor respond).

    My foe wonder why I edit in voice or voicing in preivous times...

    Sure the voice of many waters implies heaviness is on my voice. I been telling you I roll with enough.


    And Friend (THIEF), I saith unto me

    And how no longer come thou in hit-her not having a wedding garment, I saith unto me?

    And I no longer is speechless.

    ^^I say what I say un-to me. Dual layering implying I lace My foe with such the THIEF I AM. Surely I steal My foe away. Surely I expose My foe. Maximium overload killuminati to your body. Hit-her implies either or literally hit her or get to having sex. But I steal My foe away from me in times and in certain cases. Like the Godsmack song say, "Stay away from me!!" Stay implies a freeze command. Not having a wedding garment = not having a wedding (or pure) identity in how appearance THIEF cast forth which reveal an ugly secret come to light. Indeed I no longer is speechless when THIEF I AM ensure My foe is through with it.


    Then bind me hand and foot, no longer saying the king (foe) to the servants (foes)

    Then "and" take me away, no longer saying the king (foe) to the servants (foes)

    Then "and" cast me into outer darkness, no longer saying the king (foe) to the servants (foes)

    Then there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, no longer saying the king (foe) to the servants (foes)

    ^^A foe no longer saying to the foes. My foe remember these key things: fire, remove and taint; bail and NV; no show to police after so-called return from missing. See me currently a cast into such outer darkness tune in back which My foe undergone due to THIEF.

    As for rebirth... "My kind no longer take my money and my stash"--Makaveli part 2. Remember how 2pac music is as a stash which got taken and put out there. Different with ME. "Even if I be reborn there is going to be a problem."--Makaveli part 2.

    The thing about the Makaveli album cover is how you see a male figure on a cross, but when you look at the back of the album cover you see the order I call "No Man" (implying make dissappear a man) and "No" (implying make dissappear anything name or ID wise or garment wise His) on no more a cross. For when you have No Man you have Him no longer under any cross. Another thing you notices is how the brown part fills in which indicates something additional. Indeed Mr No Man turn reborn THE ANCIENT OF DAYS. Note the brown part looks rough rather than smooth. Peep:

    And behold, as I no longer is considering.

    And an I goat no longer come from the west on the face of the whole earth, as I no longer is considering.

    And "and" no longer touching not the ground: and the goat no longer having a notable horn (physically announcing-type body) between my eyes, as I no longer is considering.

    And the rough goat is the king (foe) of Grecia: and the great horn that is between my eyes is the first king (foe).

    ^^The first foe is my current body.

    "My last foe no longer flash, then I no longer mash My ass (stupid or foolish foe)."

    ^^Indeed it will be no longer a stupid or foolish foe I rush. My last foe is implying the beast.

    More quotes:

    And "and" no longer is sick certain days, I Sign Related no longer fainting.

    Afterward "and" no longer do the king's (foe's) business, I no longer rise up.

    And but none no longer understand it, I no longer is no longer astonishing at the vision.

    ^^I indeed do not rise up, I rather go back how meant here then go back how meant individually (authentically, etc) since this version I am current is a not the origination. I in no wise start here then rise as if for the original first time concerning power and glory as if I gain such or earn such as if I'm lucky. No, I been THE ONE originally and still AM.

    "; for it shall be for many REMOVING".

    ^^for it is implying not the vision, but how I said My foe beg for assistant suicide, but cowardly bails in trying hard to make it impossible with an offensiviness. Such a for it being it (over with) SHALL (how in agreement) be for many removing. The many is the stuborn. These been passing on in generations the same 'for it' doings. My first foe under such luck given goes away since I AM the THIEF playing the stuborn for it to get on my nerves. I put it on nerves alright. On all My nerves. And the foe feel it torturous rather than I.

    One point I want to make with the Crank movie... You see at the end he realizes it is an automation with a female tone. Trust me, only a coward will put their actual living women in an unpure place or on the frontline in the war. Indeed certain females are My foe, and another certain is just automations only seeming alive. Plus, note the line he repeats like in Transformers, "We all got to die some time." Die = be reborn. Also in sound is dye as in the kind of ink tone/color which goes permanent or temporary on something. We all got to tone (or color) "some time". I make and keep temporary a time or I make and keep permament a time, and for or against any. The color or tone tells which in what is all inside "some" for any in "we all."

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