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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Rafaela, Jan 15, 2005.

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    I met a remarkable guy. The most smooth fellow , this swirly guy full of great ideas. But anyhow...yesterday on our date it was rather complicated with twiney toils. He did some things that might have made him feel really embarassed, welll gosh gosh gosh, I'm not a lady of the past. . . but still these negative vibes still pay their toll. I'm not one to completely ignore karma , however I still like him as I did before, but the negative aspects of the date, I'm afraid it'll stick to his memory and when he thinks "Rafaela" he thinks resentment and all those dirty words of the past. ... I dont know. I just need to vent i guess. I mean I'm familiar as to how the mind works by reading and by meditating so this being our first proper date may have left a nicely dented impression. One i can control and completely disregard but for him I'm not sure.... Curses!

    Sorry guys for the vagueness, but i always thought the feelings after the event is more important then the event itself. dig?

    peace and love
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    i dig

    well he may of shown some bad vibes, but i dont think you can judge anybody by just one date. Perhaps when you go out with him again you will see a whole new side to him...or just the same negative aspects as the first one.

    ya never know though...people can be so unpredictable
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    He could just be having a bad day... give him a second date to see if things smooth out...
  4. Orsino2

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    Maybe he has some problems of his own that need to be worked out... who knows. :eek:

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