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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Cryptoman, May 8, 2004.

  1. Cryptoman

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    Hey Will, it's freakin great to hear from you man. I PM'd you here about a month ago, and tried to write a couple of times before that, but were undelivered. What e-mail are you using now??? Anyway. We got your messages, but couldn't call back because we didn't have long distance anymore (tonya) The bill was like 4 hundred something???? Well, as you can see, we're still alive, got a MUCH better garden this year (despite not having the tiller anymore. It's amazing what several truckloads of horseshit will do for a plant. Well. Write to me at Crypto_man_2000@yahoo. Did you not get the PM?

    Anyway, Peace and Love, hope to hear from you soon.
    Ron, Julie, and Ralph
  2. cookiecache

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    I live in alaska, and as far as can tell, it's the only place you can get land that has ZERO (thats right ZERO) TAXES. This is only in parts of the state.
    We also don't have state income tax, Alaska is so rich from oil money they pay us!

    I don't think it is harder to live here, just different. I have a homestead in the Alaska bush that I built a cabin on ........etc.

    Land can be bought from the state for 5% down. They have thousands of acres for sale.

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