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    i am from near the town abbeville in this story, the author of this story at the link below definitely has her facts straight. it is a long read, but trust me, well worth it to see the bigger picture, gets into gun running, drugs, money laundering, murder and ties it all into this disgusting war. the only pieces she has missing is the extent of the local drug dealing and prostitution that law enforcement is involved with here, since i know and have met over half the locals she names in her story. including my friend "scary shary" r.i.p. this parish has been under the siege of the "good ole boys" for over 50 years. the link to her story is http://www.dawnmarcelle.com. please pass it along to anyone you'd think would be interested. at present there are arrests being made of some of the people involved(a few scapegoats), but it is being kept out of the media for some reason, possibly another cover up.

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