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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by Barefoot Matthew, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. So one of my guilty pleasures in life is that I actually enjoy watching American Idol. I know, lame, right? What can I say, I like good vocalists, and in spite of the cheesy commercialism of the whole thing, you have to admit that they do find some talented singers each year. If only America weren't tone deaf, I might actually not feel guilty about admitting to my liking the show.

    Anyway, that's beside the point. What IS interesting to this group anyway is that one of the competitors this year is most definitely one of us. Not just a poser either...this girl is a tried and true hippie barefooter. Her name is Rose Flack, and thus far I haven't seen her with a pair of shoes on in any of her auditions. They've shown her walking away a couple of times, and it was clear that her soles are as black as Barefoot Traveler's!

    We've seen a few notable examples of musicians in the mainstream who prefer to PERFORM barefoot on stage, but even I have to scratch my head to think of an example of a musician who lives a true barefoot lifestyle. I am hoping she goes far in the competition, not just because of her talent, but because hopefully it can be a positive way to introduce some people to the lifestyle. She has a MySpace page as well, so even if you're not interested in tuning into the show, you might want to search her out on there - she might like to hear some words of encouragement from the barefooter community, and maybe even invite her to pop in to say hi. :)
  2. ganesha1967

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    According to at least one picture on her MySpace page, she is an everyday barefooter... the title to this one is: "Why people think I'm gross"


    All the best to her in the contest.

    Wiggling toes encouragingly,

  3. charlie35

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    Agree with everything you say, BM. Apart from the barefoot thing, she has a good voice and deserves to succeed. However......if she does, she will for sure be given a makeover to make her more mainstream and acceptable to Mr and Mrs Average Public, and you can bet your life the first thing that happens will be the feet in heels. Said Public won't stand for that hippy look and in order to succeed a complete image change will be given. It pains me to say this, and I hope I am wrong, but somehow I see it as inevitable, sadly.
  4. deadguy

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  5. Joss Stone's done okay
  6. This of any help? Not all singers, but there are some among them. Actually, I was on the search for a male singer/musician with long rasta hair, living and performing barefoot out of ideologic motivation, but can't remember his name right now - and found this list:

    Barefoot - Celebrities

    Barefoot - Male

    Model Travis Fimmel not only does most of his modeling in bare feet, but says he goes barefoot almost exclusively. Singer Henry Rollins often performs barefoot on stage. Singer Lenny Kravitz has said he feels no need to wear shoes or socks. Singer Richard Ashcroft appeared barefoot on stage at Live8. Actor Sean Astin arrived at a film premiere in bare feet. Pro wrestler Kevin Von Erich wrestled barefoot. Singer Simon Le Bon appears in several videos in his bare feet.

    Barefoot - Female

    Actress Julia Roberts is known as a person who loves to be barefoot. She has appeared barefoot in several of her movies. Actresses Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz have walked barefoot on the red carpet at their own movie-premieres. Model Pamela Anderson is often seen in magazines, walking around barefoot in her hometown. Singer Björk often performs barefoot. Singer Shakira is often barefoot on stage, as well as in her music videos. Singer Deana Carter performs barefoot. Singer Joss Stone performs barefoot. Singer Kelly Clarkson is performing barefoot on her current tour. Singer Mandy Moore sometimes performs in bare feet. Singer Britney Spears gained some notoriety by going barefoot into a public restroom. She has since frequently been seen going barefoot. Designer Genevieve Gorder almost always went barefoot during the series Trading Spaces on TLC. Runner Zola Budd often ran barefoot in competition. Wildlife presenter Saba Douglas-Hamilton often appears barefoot, especially in the BBC series, Big Cat Diary.
  7. Of course - I meant Michael Franti!
  8. essenceofweez

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    Now THAT'S good company. :rolleyes:

    Actually, this American Idol chick is pretty attractive. Beats me if her music is any good, though.
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    Joss Stone performs barefoot, but doesn't go barefoot all the time. Nor does Kelly Clarkson or Deanna Carter. Shakira performs barefoot at American concerts, although I've seen many clips of her performing at Hispanic concerts shod or in boots. She once said now that she's famous, she can't go shopping barefoot anymore. Julia Roberts hasn't been barefoot in public for many years. Genevieve Gorder has her own show now and she is seldom barefoot. She's also a mom now. I recall Trading Spaces episode where she kicks up some 2 x 4's in her bare feet which look tough and a bit dirty.

    Luzia Falkenberg is a fulltime mature female German barefooter. Her story is at: http://mitglied.lycos.de/horstweyrich/luzia.htm

    Andy Jens (Barefoot Traveler) has very impressive soles. There is also Steve, a barefoot world traveler. In Madagascar most people never don footwear. Impressive images at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/barefoot_1234/
  10. essenceofweez

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  11. txbarefooter

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    an indie band called Barefoot Truth sometimes performs barefoot http://www.barefoottruth.com/index.php

    blues/rock guitarist Jonny Lang performed barefoot at first (in his mid teens), but after getting shocked doing a concert he stopped and started wearing shoes.
  12. R. Hampton

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    Journalist Dianne Sawyer says that she only wears shoes when she has to. She even does portions of the Good Morning America show barefoot, whenever she can sit behind a desk or table.

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