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    Lovely Space Days - the uncomercial psychedelic gathering


    The Lovely Space Days are the wonderful come-together of our sober crazyness, lovelyness, psychedelic music of the 60's, from good oldfashioned trance to full on, other psychedelic music, live drum sessions, bagpipes, fireshows and us - the dirty smelly freaks. We all come together in Austria/Europe and share our lives, art, food, knowledge and engery. Entry fee will be an open donation to cover costs or we will keep it under 10 euros. If you cannot afford to pay anything we welcome you especially ;-)

    Join this retirement village for some days and be part of a revolutionary (space-)hippie festival for the ultimate Freak Out.

    A wide range of international goatrance and psytrance djs in combination with UV light, visuals, laser projectors and glowing decoration will be the trance zone.

    Domes, tents, chai, tee, coffee, juice, ambient and folk music will be combined with matraces and an outdoor living room to become the chilll out area.

    The psychedelic 60's zone will not only have djs playing the good old underground psychedelic music of the 60s but also bands will play their crazy tunes. Nice colourful light and decoration just like back in the day and the good old vibe will proove that the spirit is not dead.

    This is not only about music, it's about psychedlic art and live as such. There will be

    - readings of psychedelic literature
    - psychedelic brews
    - workshops about the psychdelic movement
    - workshops about drug prohibition and liberation
    - workshops about art like juggling
    - workshops about stuff like yoga
    - jam sessions
    - food for everyone)

    expect a nice range of crazy things to do instead of an average festival or trance-party. It's also important that YOU get involved and prepare some crazy stuff for others. So if you want to/can do anything like above please write us. Also if you can help us with soundgear, deco, funny sculptures, constructions, chai cooking, lots of UV light, performances as psychedelic bands or anything else that you consider as helpful feel free to contact us.

    Just be aware of the fact that we're trying to get as less money involved as possible, so artist shouldn't expect to get paid (if donations are higher than expenses we divide the money up between those who need it)

    The Fundraising time started! Partys are organised in order to be able to pay for the lovely space days and we are also happy if YOU organise a fundraising party for this event. The more money we fundraise the lower is the entry fee and the more we can spend ;-)

    Our team gets bigger and bigger every week and we also welcome YOU on board...
    We are sick of commercialised big-money parties - the psychedelic scene is not dead yet!

    Bring as much as you can to share it with everyone! Be aware that this is a festival for peace and comunity living. No doggy stuff, no comsumerism, no aggressiveness, no discrimination!

    peace and love
    the FreeYourMindPsychedelicArtOrganizingGroup and everyone who joins in

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