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    so many many questions
    a single destiny corporeal
    who are we?
    what, if anything,
    can you prove to be real?
    who first taught my heart to hear?

    you were my senior
    you were my keeper and my king
    you were my sister and my lover
    who was it, though, really,
    who first taught these hands to sing?

    my anger, alone, could feul me farther
    than your wanting ever could
    which makes these answers breed more questions
    the questions
    what are we
    and what are we doing here?

    your kisses
    still printed
    upon the windows of my soul
    fogging up the glass

    the light shone through the questions
    that you never thought to ask
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    It has a reverence like a eulogy. I liked the comparison of friendship you made, the person was somewhat of a leader to you, but was caring and shared your thoughts.

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