7 plants gone

Discussion in 'Busted!' started by rat from the hosmgm, May 15, 2007.

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my lil babys av gone sum1 has robbed them n i rekon they hav em at their house so im planin on robbin them bak lol wat u fink
  2. DepTh

    DepTh Member

  3. mortes

    mortes Senior Member

    I think you should learn to type somewhat decently before trying to grow marijuana.
  4. i think u shud shut da fuk up u prick u neva herd of txt language???????? its easier to type in it then typyin like a fukin dictionary n depth il take it as a yes lol
  5. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    we don't hold no truck with 1337 speak here. it may be marginally easier to type, but it's a lot harder to read and makes you come off as a sort of immature retard, sorry.
  6. mortes

    mortes Senior Member

    It's not hard to exert a little more finger work so you don't sound like a 5 year old. If you already got 7 plants ripped off and you type like a retard, why would anyone help you? Honestly you don't make a very strong case as to why we should help you steal from these thieves (I dunno how you plan to track these people down but w/e) and I hesitate to respond because typing "fink" instead of "think" really irritates me. If you have a lisp in real life that's fine, but no one has to know, so please type better if you want intelligent responses. Otherwise this is what you get:

    i fink u shd totlly gt thos dudes!!11! lols smok dem bytchs! haha
  7. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    its not easier to use text language if you know how to fucking type so do us all a favor and learn. This fourm is not a cell phone that your texting on.
  8. swazo

    swazo i am amazing.

    if this dude can grow pot, anyone can folks
  9. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    report the theft to the authorities
  10. actuazlly i do hav a lisp and i duno y every1 gets so wound up about my typing. i no wer they live aswel and i dont expect any1 to help me to be honest i hope u all die a horrible death
  11. wow this guy is an asshole, you post a thread asking for help and then you type like a retard and someone tries to correct you and you snap back at them and say you hope they die a terrible death. i hope you get arrested for a B&E and they find the rest of you plants at your house fucking asshole
  12. mortes

    mortes Senior Member

    I'll give you my address if you have a death wish. One less retard would do everyone well.

    Swazo gets the award for best burn of the thread. haha
  13. papa perp

    papa perp Member

    haha yeah do what natural philosophy said.... report it to the cops
  14. Ducky

    Ducky Member

    WTF is text language? Like in that comercial? PAHAGCBTD
  15. Strummit

    Strummit Member

    Having a lisp makes you type with one and say actuazlly?

    I'm pretty sure your local sheriff stole the plants. Break into his house at night and search for them. They are probably under his pillow.
  16. 420fuchs

    420fuchs speaks the truth.

    Heres some text language GFY

    figure that out dick
  17. hippieatheart

    hippieatheart vagina boob

  18. ~peace~

    ~peace~ Senior Member

    second best burn goes to 420fuchs!

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