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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by erizoe, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. erizoe

    erizoe Member

    well, it's been seven months...sorry I forgot to update @ 5 and 6 =/

    I haven't been very active recently but I promise I will if some people comment here honestly with tips

    Here they are =) they seemt o be locking fine, the only thing I can complain about is that they aren;t very alive looking, they seem like fuzzy things coming from my head, sometimes so fuzzy that it is hard to really tell were one definitly starts and another ends....they look fuzzy because there are like loose hairs all over the place...not entirely loose, just not....inside(I hope I am making sence, just look at the pics =p)

    so here they are:
  2. sweet locks =D
  3. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    i love it!
  4. toothfairy

    toothfairy Member

    They look great! Were they backcombed or natural? Mine are natural and mine are looking nowhere near that good.
  5. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    Looking good!
  6. erizoe

    erizoe Member

    well not fully natural, backcombed is....sort of natural. =p

    they were backcombed poorly by two of my friends, so i redid most (minus the back cause I couldn't reach it) the next day....I used wax every week for maybe 2 months =/ <ghoststory>sometimes i still see some</ghoststory>

    thanks for the comments guys, keep em coming =)
  7. Silver Shadow

    Silver Shadow Member

    wow they're going to be soooo fat :)
  8. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    wow your dreads look amazing!!

    i cant wait till i hit the 7 month mark :)
  9. shedtroll

    shedtroll Peace, Love & Linux

    You know what, my dreads are at 10 months (approx) and yours look much better!
  10. oilymoily

    oilymoily Banned

    they're looking great for such a short time :) don't worry about the fuzzies, they look sweet ;)
  11. they look wonderful!
  12. erizoe

    erizoe Member

    =) thanks guys!

    they are going to be really fat one day I can tell caelynn. I never had to worry about them being too skinny when i first got hem except for a couple which...are still skinny, but =) it's all good.

    I will be sure to update again at 8 months, this is a nice ego helper =DDD

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