60's=age of aquarius. but what's this times sign?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by carnelian, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. carnelian

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    the sixties was the age of aquarious, right? but what age are we living in now? and what age was the eighties with all that obsessing over money? i'd like to see some chart or something showing wich sign dominated wich time (starting time and ending time). it would be interesting comparing the dominating sign with what happened during that tmie. i've searched the web for some kind of chart of this but found none so i hope one of you could help me.
  2. Zanman

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    The 60's sang about Aquarius but the precession into Aquarius hasn't happened yet and won't for about another 60-100 years, even though we are seeing it's signs such as the advent of the Internet, a truly Aquarian phenomenon ...

    We are presently experiencing the end of Pisces.
  3. AannaSolo

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    the date of the beginning of the age of aquarius was in 1958 and it will continue for 2,160 years. We are at the beginning, but it won't end for a while. Jesus was the avatar for the age of pisces, previous to that, god love him, as he does
  4. Zanman

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    No one I know, and I know a lot of astrologers, would agree we are in Aquarius already ... Where do you get the 1958 date? We are on the cusp no doubt, but the real precession won't be for about another 100 years or so. Anyway I'm interested where you get that date.
  5. balko

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  6. BanditQueen

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    If we are at the end of pisces then the next age would be aries, not aquarius? Or does it go backward? *confused*
  7. White Feather

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  8. BanditQueen

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  9. Snowman5000

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    Haha, well I guess we really don't know when it starts or if it allready started. We can all agree tho that it will bring changes. Hopefully they will be for the betterment of the world.

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