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    T0.0 5mg Alpha O (5MeO-aMT) (1st time t&daves 2nd time 3mg/6mg)

    0.30 feeling it cold huddle we smoke a bowl or 3

    1.10?t is fine but me/dave both ill rough I go puke & feel much better - on beer ur sick after on this be4 the good bit – dave warned me 2 b sick when cuming up

    1.30 coming on nicey it gave me a positive lift in mood. I had a smirk. The AplphaO made me severly wet-poo as well, like I peed out of my ass but then was fine – not like foxy where I poo all the time

    2.00 It took a while to get going. I laugh the floor it was all moving around Nothing was funny which made me laugh more we all felt very energetic & happy . were then talking loads about life relationships bonding on drugs

    3.00phew now alredy it’s strong. I'm so impressed by the quality of visual effects The visuals are like LSD but different. Patterns all over my sightallstuff going on, images morphing in any surface with texture. Shapes going color on & everything forms as well. On the cooker it looks like steam is coming out of the pot (it isn’t) and a bag looks like a dragon fly about to take off. Feel old stuff like dinosaurs. A conection 2 everything was rippling.

    T is outside playing with dog Dave is on bean bag fucked Like “FUCKING WOW!!!!!!!!! DUDE!!” he opens his eyes & says he is just totally elsewhere with multi-color fireworks going off. Totally spaz-munkled everything is rushing a mad buzz


    4.00 peak? I dunno – I’m laying down body is very weird. Buzzing numb Odd but good Everything is soft like on a roll (E/MDMA) in my head not busy busy like acid I have a sense of vastness like conciuosness on the limit of physical. Like I could lift out into space. Feel if I did more I would b meeting the world famous God! Very gone DrugzRbad!

    4.30?wander down dave & t r larking throwing cuddly toys at eachother & put some chill tunes on music is full & all round us strong like a energy. I go 4 a piss – I can still hear the tunes & the plant in the corner is dancing! Big green fucker digging the tunes

    5.30ish doesn’t wear off - bit of a headache take – dunno if it is alphaO _ I have heard it but ‘cid & shrooms can do as well – take headpills & it must hav gone coz I 4get it

    mentally, wicked Very thoughtful & introspective. We r loved up & We discussed many philosophical things

    6.0 couldn't sit still. I feel very energised, pretty speedy but without the unpleasantness of amphetamine powders. thought it would be an adventure at the very least so after a apple (energy from nature –taste really good but little hunger) & hotchocolate we go 4 a walk. I tried me best to look "straight" & think I we look “fine.” people look very strange anyhow & I saw significance in things – the bird trees water – I was one with all nature we discuss this loads how drugs make u spiritual and deep.color & shapes & every thing very clear. See life & death all around Dave said this experience has been a spiritual awakening.

    +++good experience the walk burns some of this energy.

    All that I think is very cool. Very thoughtful & introspective. Part of me wants to be alone & think stuff out but we have plenty of space 2 think & hav great empathy with friends

    7.30 we r bak – still going drop off very very slow. We r hungrey now so put chips on in& chill out with a bowl

    9.0got a bit very weird it got very much like amt when thats wearing off with smoking loads of mj - partly tired. Still speedy Lie down for a bit

    10 I sort of yonked out 4a while bit more awake

    15.00 back home crack open a couple of cans of beer – NICE! Could hav done wi’ that a bit earlier for the speedies but now relax- I can still feel the AlphaO a bit & feel a bit drained. Stoned fuzzy But emotionally quite up lifted.

    Alpha was excellent & we all liked AlphaO – For me it was more alien than acid - I can see this would be mind blowing at a big dose! T said it is her ‘happy hippy’ drug 4 all day “lalala-ness!” Dave said it was like a candyflip & very deep 4 him. This is strong drug so b careful & don’t do wot we did with medical supervision & never snort(sniff) 5meo-a that can b very dangerous. Peace & love


    This report make me even more keen to try it has any1 tried "AlphaO" aka 5MEO-AMT? What did u think 2 it?I really want 2 try it. I have read reports on other sites but what do u guys think? can u giv some details o the experience since there arnt enough reports on this out there. Also I hear a lot of lsd these days is actually "alphaO" is this true?
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    I wouldn't be surprised. I done some research into 5-MEO-AMT, apparently one of the most visual RCs. It looks like this will be my new experiment next month.
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    my pet pig tried 3mg - at this number there was no sickness or other troubles - just very nice euforia all day & very - like e but with a triptamine feel lasting allday! good body buzz - no real visuals at this level but not far off - all good - it was different to lsd - smoother but mayb higher i THINK it could b more like cid

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